SiteGround GrowBig Review (2021 Hosting Discount Coupon)

1. Powerful Shared Hosting Plan of SiteGround at just $7.99 a month
2. Only a couple of Dollars more than SiteGround’s StartUp Plan Promo Price with much more value for your bucks
3. Ability to Host Multiple Websites (but make sure you have enough Resources)
4. More Server Resources means much Faster will be your Website
5. One-Click Staging allows you in easy Cloning of Website to test new Plugins/Designs
6. FREE Automated Backups with super easy 1-Click Restore Option for your Site
7. All three Levels of Cache available while installing SiteGround’s SG Optimizer plugin (Static, Dynamic & Memcached)
1. This plan does not come with SiteGround’s Priority Support (still phenomenal Standard Support Quality & Response Time)
2. CPU Limits may not be sufficient for some Large Sites
3. SiteGround’s GrowBig account still has lesser Shared Server Resources than GoGeek account
SiteGround GrowBig
Uptime & Reliability
SiteGround GrowBig
Speed & Performance
SiteGround GrowBig
 Server Resources
SiteGround GrowBig
1-Click Site Staging Environment
SiteGround GrowBig
Security & Anti-Hack Protection
SiteGround GrowBig
Pricing & Value
SiteGround GrowBig
WordPress Compatibility
SiteGround GrowBig
Customer Support
GrowBig is a pretty powerful yet affordable Shared hosting plan of SiteGround that delivers phenomenal performance for mid-sized websites and blogs. The Renewal Rate is slightly high but very similar to the plans offered by several other Shared hosting providers. However, the performance of SiteGround’s GrowBig plan is top-notch and undeniably the best in the industry. It’s blazing fast, very reliable, highly secure, and especially offers amazing Premium Quality Support (24/7) to help you with all hosting related issues right from the simple set up of your site to highly complex issues.

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Decided to opt for SiteGround GrowBig plan over the other two Shared hosting solutions ➔ StartUp and GoGeek?

Well, no worries! SiteGround GrowBig plan is perfect for hosting multiple websites as it also includes more server resources, one-click staging, and better-optimized speed (when compared to StartUp plan). You will surely like GrowBig as it is packed with ample server resources resource and also considered as the Best Value Plan from SiteGround (considering you get all of this for just an additional $3 more each month than its StartUp plan).

You also get an extra 10 GB Storage, Backup Restoration tool, a Server that can handle more monthly visitors, and an advanced SiteGround Caching System called the SG SuperCacher with all 3 Levels (for WordPress and Joomla plans).

#1 Rated Host = SiteGround

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SiteGround GrowBig Pricing & Features (Review Summary 2021)

You can also see this GrowBig vs StartUp vs GoGeek Comparison Chart to know what’s exactly included with each SiteGround plan. So, let’s start reviewing and comparing GrowBig with other Shared hosting plans of SiteGround in order to help you analyze if it is indeed the right choice for your site requirement or you need to choose another SiteGround plan…

SiteGround GrowBig Plan Pricing Review (2021)
Pricing SiteGround GrowBig Plan
Offer Price $7.99 per month
(Regular Price $24.99 per month)
Refund Policy 30 Days SiteGround GrowBig Money Back Guarantee
SiteGround GrowBig Plan Features (2021 Review)
Features SiteGround GrowBig Plan
Hosted Websites Unlimited
Web Space 20 GB SSD Disk Space
Monthly Bandwidth Unmetered
Estimated Monthly Visitors ~25,000 Unique Visits
Parked Domains/Subdomains Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited
Free CMS Installation Yes
Free Email Accounts Yes
SiteGround SuperCacher Level 3 (All The Levels)
Free Backups + Restoration Yes
Free Backup On Demand No
Pre-Installed Git No
One-click Staging Yes
Free Shopping Cart Installation Yes
Free SSL Certificate Yes
SiteGround GrowBig Plan Server Resources (2021 Review)
Server Resources SiteGround GrowBig Plan
Simultaneous Server Processes 20
Single IP Simultaneous Connections 15
Average Process Execution Time per Day 2 seconds
CPU Seconds per Program 2,000/hour
Server Memory per Process 768 MB
CPU Usage Not over 20% for SiteGround GrowBig plan for a period longer than 10 seconds
Minimum Cron Job Interval 30 minutes
Inodes 300,000
SiteGround GrowBig Plan Database Resources (2021 Review)
Database Resources SiteGround GrowBig Plan
Database Size 500 MB
Database Table Size 250 MB
Database Queries Up to 10% of SiteGround GrowBig Plan Server Resources
SiteGround GrowBig Plan Email Resources Review (2021)
Email Resources SiteGround GrowBig Plan
Mailbox Size 4 GB
Attachment Size 50 MB
Email Sends per Hour 400
Emails Received per Minute 20
Recipients per Email 40
Undelivered Email Retry Time 11 Hours
SiteGround GrowBig Plan Customer Support Review (2021)
Customer Support Types SiteGround GrowBig Plan
24/7 Super Fast Premium GrowBig Support Yes
SiteGround GrowBig Live Chat Support Yes
SiteGround GrowBig Email/Ticket Support Yes
SiteGround GrowBig Telephone Support Yes
SiteGround Priority Support No

SiteGround GrowBig Plan Is Good If…?

1. You need to host more than 1 Website under a Shared hosting plan
2. You need more Storage and want avail 20 GB instead of only 10 GB (still sufficient in most of the cases) that comes with SiteGround’s Startup Plan
3. Around 25,000 visits a month are sufficient and you do not need a lot of Server Resources to run your website
4. You wish to make use of SG Supercacher to speed up the Loading Time of your Websites & Blogs
5. You require the 1-Click Backup & Restore tool offered by Siteground to make the hosting account Backup process much easier and convenient
6. You feel the need for much more Hosting Server Resources for a Faster Website
7. You want On-Demand Backups at any time for more secured hosting experience than StartUp plan
9. You want more Email Storage of up to 2 GB instead of 1 GB Email Storage that comes with SiteGround’s basic StartUp plan
10. You want a FREE Wildcard SSL Certificate that secures your eCommerce Website as well as its Subdomains

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You Can Choose SiteGround GoGeek Plan Over GrowBig If…?

1. You require a Semi-Dedicated Solution that acts more like a VPS hosting account offering you even more Server Resources
2. You desire to avail SiteGround’s faster Priority Support System
3. Budget isn’t really an issue and you want to get your hands on the best Shared hosting plan of SiteGround to host your site

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Host Unlimited Websites

You will be able to host unlimited websites on your SiteGround GrowBig account but then you must ensure that you just don’t exceed the allocated CPU Limits or else your website might Shut Down temporarily (and this can happen with all the web hosts).

Free Backup & Restore Service By SiteGround Support Team

SiteGround GoGeek account comes with 30 FREE Daily Backups & Restoration Tool which gives their customers an option to request the Support Team of SiteGround to carry out the Backup Restore Process (if needed) which is indeed a very convenient and reliable feature included with this plan.

Demo Websites Creation with 1-Click Staging for WordPress & Joomla

GoGeek also comes with a 1-Click Staging Environment feature that allows you to easily Clone your website so that you can use it to start testing the Plugins/Design even before you actually make any changes to your real site. This is a cool feature that is good especially for testing certain changes that may be otherwise risky.

Does SiteGround GrowBig Plan Offer Enough Server Resources For Your Website Hosting Requirements?

The Shared Servers of your SiteGround GrowBig account has fewer websites being hosted which means more resources get dedicated for each of your sites. Compared to the StartUp plan, SiteGround’s GrowBig comes with almost twice more Server Resources (2x CPU, 2x Inodes, 2x Simultaneous Server Process, and so It).

SiteGround GrowBig Speed & Load Time

Many website owners claim that with GrowBig their website loads in less than 1 second (blazing fast indeed). This is mainly because SiteGround uses Special Speed Technology (applicable even to their GrowBig plan) that includes cutting edge speed-oriented features such as SuperCacher, NGINX Servers, Latest PHP versions, SSD, HTTP/2 enabled servers, and so on…

SiteGround GrowBig Plan Uptime & Response Time

The Uptime Report of all the SiteGround Shared hosting plans is quite similar and exceptional (99.99% most of the time). However, the Response Time of GrowBig is slightly better than their Startup plan and much better by a huge margin when compared to any other Shared hosts out there!

SiteGround GrowBig Plan eCommerce Features

Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL is included with the GrowBig plan for free that can be activated right from your SiteGround cPanel account. Also, SiteGround includes FREE Installation plus provides support for all Major Shopping Carts with their GrowBig plan for smoother processing of payments for your eCommerce Store.

Can I Use WordPress, Joomla & Drupal With SiteGround GrowBig Hosting Plan?

Yes, SiteGround’s GrowBig plan comes with in-built with WordPress features that will help you create a WordPress website within a few clicks. They also have a Dedicated WordPress Support Team of Experts who will help you with any issues you are facing with your GrowBig WordPress hosting account. Furthermore, their Shared Servers (including the GrowBig plan) are specially crafted and customized to offer maximum performance to the WordPress users.

Managed WordPress hosting plans of SiteGround includes features such as WP Special Cache, SG Git, 1-click WordPress Site Staging Environment, and more. You get 1-Click Joomla installation, features & support with SiteGround’s Joomla hosting plans. Lastly, SiteGround Drupal hosting plans come equipped with Pre-installed Git, Drush enabled, and SuperCacher.

24/7 Super-Fast SiteGround Support For GrowBig Plan

Support is a vital aspect of web hosting! GrowBig plan comes with Standard SiteGround Support and not the Priority Support which comes with GoGeek plan. Still, SiteGround’s Standard Support is phenomenal as they give special emphasis on Customer Satisfaction with their speedy support for GrowBig plan being highly-skilled, reliable, and knowledgeable.

SiteGround GrowBig Support User Reviews

Here are a few reviews and testimonials for SiteGround’s GrowBig hosting account provided by their customers on Twitter…

SiteGround GrowBig reviews by customers on Twitter

How to claim Siteground GrowBig Discount without any Coupon Code?

Getting the SiteGround GrowBig Deal is easy and you don’t even need any Coupons or Discount Codes whatsoever. To get this exclusive Discounted Offer on your SiteGround GrowBig account purchase, you can follow our detailed guide below:


Visit the Siteground GrowBig offer page by clicking this exclusive discount link

Coupons/Promo Codes Not Needed!


Now click on the GET PLAN button to get the exclusive Siteground GrowBig Deal


Register your Domain Name to host with SiteGround GrowBig plan or just fill it (if you already have any).


Once you are done clicking the PROCEED button, you need to fill up the GrowBig plan account and payment details and your SiteGround GrowBig hosting account registration process is complete once you click on the PAY NOW button which automatically activates your Discounted Deal for SiteGround GrowBig plan.

Conclusion: Is SiteGround GrowBig Hosting Account Worth It?

GrowBig is indeed a value for money plan from SiteGround hosting as it only costs $7.99 monthly. SiteGround’s StartUp package is good but GrowBig is far better especially for Starters and mid-sized websites as it includes ample Server Resources with a number of advanced cutting edge hosting features offered. I highly recommend SiteGround GrowBig over its StartUp as I personally use this plan for hosting multiple websites and surprisingly all of them load under 1 second with a phenomenal 100% Monthly Uptime. And remember, you always have an option to easily upgrade to SiteGround GoGeek or Cloud.

I hope you found this review on SiteGround GrowBig Hosting Plan (2021) helpful and if you have any doubts, you can 24/7 contact SiteGround’s Super Friendly Support Team.

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