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SiteGround Web Hosting Payment Using PayPal Method (2021)

If you were wondering whether SiteGround accepts payments using PayPal or not. Yes, they do! However, this is the least known payment method used by SiteGround with the most common option being Credit Card Payments. PayPal isn’t listed on SiteGround’s web hosting order pages but still, you can Pay via PayPal for your web hosting services that you purchase with SiteGround.

If you are already a SiteGround Customer, you can simply Login to SiteGround’s User Area, then navigate to their Support Page and lastly contact their Billing Support Team for PayPal Payment. And if you are new to SiteGround and planning to Sign up and pay using Debit Card or PayPal (least popular payment methods used by SiteGround), you just need to contact their Sales Department using SiteGround’s fast and super-friendly Live Chat.

Why Debit Card or PayPal Payment methods are not listed on SiteGround’s Order Page?

Yes, that’s right! SiteGround hasn’t listed payment options like Debit Card and PayPal on their order pages. Also, they have mentioned that they accept following types of Credit Cards such as VISA Cards, MasterCard, Discover Cards, and American Express Cards (Amex).

However, SiteGround alternatively offers additional payment options to their customers to pay for their SiteGround purchases using Debit Card or the PayPal account (if the customers don’t have a credit card or when they find it hard to make the SiteGround Payments).

How to pay for SiteGround hosting services using PayPal or Debit Card? [Simple Step-By-Step Guide]

Here is our step-by-step easy to understand guide which will help you in making payment for SiteGround services using PayPal or Debit Card while signing up for their web hosting plans and packages.

⤵ STEP 1 ⤵

Firstly, Visit and select a Web Hosting Plan you want to pay for via Debit Card or PayPal Account.

⤵ STEP 2 ⤵

Register a Domain Name of your choice.

⤵ STEP 3 ⤵

Fill in the details regarding your Account Information, Client Information, and Purchase Information section but skip the Payment Information section and leave it blank. Finally, select the I Confirm checkbox and lastly click on the Pay Now button.

NOTE: You don’t need to select or pay for SiteGround’s Extra Services such as SG Site Scanner and Domain Privacy (which you can find under the Purchase Information section).
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⤵ STEP 4 ⤵

Once you click the Pay Now button, you will immediately get an Error! It is more like a Notification Message which says you haven’t filled out the mandatory Payment Information field.

NOTE: You need not worry about this ERROR as the rest of your information has been already collected by the SiteGround Team, who will contact you shortly!

⤵ STEP 5 ⤵

The SiteGround Team will soon send you an Email Notification that they have received your hosting account purchase-related information which you had submitted while filling up the SiteGround Sign Up form (except entering the Payment details).

Thus, you can wait for the SiteGround Team to contact you regarding the same or you can directly contact them as well via their Live Chat Support System which you can find right at the top (under the Help menu).

While hovering over the Help menu, you get a drop-down menu and you need to click on the Start Sales Chat link to connect to SiteGround’s Live Chat Support Team.

⤵ STEP 6 ⤵

While you start chatting with the SiteGround Sales Support Agent, just let him know that you have already Created an Account with SiteGround but haven’t yet filled out the Payment Information as you wish to pay them via PayPal or Debit Card (and not via Credit Card).

The SiteGround Support Representative might ask you Your Name, Email ID, and Phone Number (just to confirm your hosting account entry) and then provide you with a Special Custom Link which you are supposed to click in order to make payment for your SiteGround web hosting order via PayPal or Debit Card (the one you are comfortable with).

⤵ STEP 7 ⤵

Once you enter all the Payment Information, complete your SiteGround Sign Up Process. Finally,  you will get a Purchase Completion Notification Message from SiteGround to confirm the same.

NOTE: You will even get notified by the SiteGround Team about your successful order completion via Email!

Conclusion: Is PayPal Payment safe to use with SiteGround?

PayPal is one of the safest methods of making payment to SiteGround purchases and to transfer your money to their account as PayPal site is very much secure and encrypted. Also, the exchange of any of your personal information during the transaction is hidden from SiteGround or any third-party prying eyes. Thus, every PayPal customer gets protected by their Buyer’s Protection Plan.

This is the main reason why various web hosting companies (including SiteGround) are accepting payments via PayPal – making it one of the safest payment options.

I hope you found this review on SiteGround Paypal Payment and Debit Card Payment Methods (2021) helpful. If you’ve got any doubts about SiteGround’s PayPal or Debit Card Payment Options, please contact their 24×7 Support Team for further help!

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