SiteGround eCommerce Review: Is it good for WooCommerce?

So, are you looking for a detailed review on SiteGround’s eCommerce hosting plan and want to know how good it really is for hosting your online store?
SiteGround eCommerce/WooCommerce Hosting Review (2020)

Does SiteGround offer eCommerce hosting? Yes, if you like to start an online shopping website or just a simple eCommerce store, SiteGround has some special tailor-made eCommerce hosting offers for you! You can simply choose one of their shared hosting plans and they will be equipped with additional eCommerce friendly features.

Now, if you ask whether this site is eCommerce site or not? My answer would be No! This isn’t an eCommerce website but simply a blog! eCommerce hosting is required only when your site is involved in buy and selling of goods or deals with internet money transactions.

You get several eCommerce friendly features such as free online shopping cart installation (with all SiteGround eCommerce hosting plans), free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate (with all SiteGround eCommerce hosting plans), Wildcard SSL Certificate (with GrowBig, GoGeek, and Cloud eCommerce hosting plan), and PCI compliant servers (with GoGeek and Cloud eCommerce hosting plans).

Apart from these eCommerce hosting features, the key difference between the plans is that with GrowBig and GoGeek you can host unlimited websites/blogs and also comes loaded with top-notch server resources and features. Whereas, StartUp doesn’t lets you host multiple sites but only one. If you view SiteGround’s StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek eCommerce hosting plan comparison chart you will be able to clearly get to know all the eCommerce features listed as well as the plan differences.

👉 SiteGround StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek eCommerce Hosting Plans, Pricing, Features & Comparison Chart

➢ Is SiteGround Good For Ecommerce Hosting and Why?

There are a few other important eCommerce rich features and differences which will be covered below in this SiteGround eCommerce hosting review. Am assuming you are all set on signing up with SiteGround’s eCommerce hosting (which you should as they are #1 rated hosting company even for eCommerce and online shopping website hosting).

Now, let’s get to know how good is SiteGround for hosting your eCommerce websites.

1. Top Rated eCommerce/WooCommerce Host

Apart from being rated #1 WordPress host, SiteGround is also the top rated eCommerce/WooCommerce hosting company. These polls below will let you know how good they really are…

2. Best Uptime For eCommerce Sites

Website uptime is very crucial and important especially if you have an online shop or an eCommerce store. If this online shop of yours goes down too frequently, you will probably lose a lot of sales. Thus, you should choose an eCommerce hosting company which is not just popular but also has a great proven uptime record.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee with SiteGround eCommerce/WooCommerce Hosting Plans

If you don’t want to lose your customers due to unnecessary downtime, you need to choose SiteGround as your eCommerce hosting provider for your eCommerce websites (as it frequently delivers 100% uptime).

3. Super Fast Site Load Time

SiteGround eCommerce Hosting Speed & Load Time

With SiteGround’s eCommerce hosting plan, expect your website to load under 1 second (which is blazing fast speed). As the website starts loading slower, the bounce rate increases (especially in case of online shopping sites). Thus, lesser is the bounce rate (possible when hosted on SiteGround’s WooCommerce hosting plan), faster will be your eCommerce site (leading to higher sales conversion rate).

4. Hosting Account Isolation

You buy a Shared, eCommerce or Cloud server from SiteGround, they will 24/7 ensure that your account will be isolated from other hosting accounts which helps your eCommerce website hosted with them remain safe always (even during any other account gets hacked on SiteGround’s shared server).

5. Simple eCommerce Tutorials

SiteGround has a number of tutorials that cover the eCommerce website creation topic and will also help you in knowing how to easily install your own shopping cart.

SiteGround eCommerce Hosting Tutorials & Guides
NOTE: SiteGround’s friendly support team will also help you in doing this (if you don’t want to go through their eCommerce tutorials).

6. Free Installation of Shopping Carts

SiteGround supports a number of shopping carts and also offers eCommerce-specific web hosting plans that are unique to each supported shopping cart (but they are still more or less similar).

Free SiteGround eCommerce Auto Installation Apps

Furthermore, they offer free installation of such shopping carts or in some cases SiteGround automatically installs them while you purchase any of their eCommerce hosting plans. You can find the list of SiteGround supported shopping carts below and you can click here to know more about SiteGround Shopping Cart FAQs.

Free SiteGround eCommerce Shopping Cart Installation Review

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7. Free SSL Certificates For eCommerce Sites

Here is a list of SSL certificates offered by SiteGround that can help your eCommerce website to be secure enough but let us go through each one of them in detail.

Free SSL Certificate For SiteGround eCommerce Hosting Review

SiteGround’s Free Let’s Encrypt SSL for eCommerce hosting: Free on all SiteGround hosting plans and can be enabled via cPanel. Also, they provide Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL for subdomains.

SiteGround’s Wildcard SSL for eCommerce hosting: Costs $82 per year and secures subdomains as well with (free for a year with GrowBig & GoGeek).

SiteGround’s EV SSL for eCommerce hosting: Costs $499 per year and provides you with the green color padlock on your https and also guards the information (via encryption).

Free SiteGround eCommerce Hosting SSL Review & Comparison
OPTIONAL: Also, you can install Third Party SSL Certificates (if you still want to) via SiteGround cPanel.

8. Blazing Fast & Friendly Customer Support

Another crucial aspect of a perfect eCommerce hosting company would be to possess a helpful and professional customer care support team. SiteGround’s support staff are very knowledgeable and well trained about eCommerce aspects and are equally friendly (available 24/7/365 Days).

SiteGround Support For eCommerce Hosting Plans Review

9. PCI Compliant Servers For eCommerce

If you are running a large growing eCommerce website, you must ensure that your servers are PCI compliant. This is a special security measure taken to secure online shopping/payment-related transactions (usually a paid service). Luckily, SiteGround offers free PCI compliant servers for your eCommerce site with their GoGeek plan.

10. Free eCommerce Website Transfer

If you already have an eCommerce site or a mini online store, then you should feel lucky because you don’t have to start over again. SiteGround will take the crucial responsibility to migrate your previous eCommerce website including all its contents (as it is).

Free SiteGround eCommerce Website Migration Review (2020)
NOTE: If you want a free eCommerce site transfer, you will need to go for SiteGround’s GrowBig or GoGeek hosting plan.

11. Recommended Merchants For eCommerce Website Payment Collection

SiteGround hosting has a list of recommended merchants for collecting payments for your eCommerce site. Generally, PayPal and 2Checkout are good enough for smaller volumes and as you grow you can later negotiate with them for a smaller fee.

Free SiteGround eCommerce/WooCommerce Payment Merchants Review & Comparison

👉 Conclusion: Is SiteGround The Best eCommerce Hosting Provider For Your Online Shopping Site?

Whenever we searched for a perfect eCommerce web hosting provider, all the time we have come back to SiteGround and thus we recommend the same to our readers to host their eCommerce website. You can go with SiteGround’s WooCommerce hosting without any problem as it makes your eCommerce website hiccup-free with your online shop product pages loading faster and thus giving you the core foundation of SiteGround’s eCommerce rich features, robust security, industry-leading uptime, and premium support.

I hope you liked our SiteGround eCommerce Review (2020) and the hosting comparison. If you have any further questions about SiteGround’s eCommerce hosting features, feel free to contact SiteGround support 24/7.

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