SiteGround VPS Hosting Review 2020 (70% Discount Coupon)

1. $11.95/month (Affordable VPS Plan)
2. Recommended VPS Host by Top 3 CMSes
3. Rated #1 VPS & WordPress host across multiple FB Polls
4. 99.99% Server Uptime Guarantee
5. Very low-density hosting servers
6. Much higher limits on execution of Scripts & CPU seconds
7. VPS servers located across 3 Continents
8. Full access to all Advanced SiteGround Tools such as SuperCacher, Staging, Git etc
9. Free SSL & On-demand Backups with and One-click Restore
10. Fully managed VPS with cPanel, Malware Monitoring, Security & Updates
11. 24/7 Advanced Priority Support
12. 30 Days VPS Hosting Plan (GoGeek) Money Back Guarantee
1. Limitations to what Software & Applications you can Install
2. Acts as a VPS but not a true VPS Hosting Plan as you don’t get Root Access
3. In spite of your Hosting Account being Isolated for Security, still Shared Server Resources after all
SiteGround VPS Hosting
Uptime & Reliability
SiteGround VPS Hosting
Speed & Performance
SiteGround VPS Hosting
 Server Resources
SiteGround VPS Hosting
Security & Anti-Hack Protection
SiteGround VPS Hosting
Pricing & Value
SiteGround VPS Hosting
WordPress Compatibility
SiteGround VPS Hosting
Customer Support
SiteGround’s VPS Hosting Plan (GoGeek) is good enough to host your Website/Blog/eCommerce Store on a VPS like platform. From this plan, you can anytime upgrade either to their More Powerful + Scalable Cloud Hosting Servers. However, till then SiteGround’s VPS Hosting Plan (GoGeek) should give you everything what you are expecting from a typical VPS Hosting Server (Speed, VPS oriented features, Performance, Uptime, Priority Support & much more).

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GoGeek is SiteGround’s very own starter VPS hosting plan as SiteGround specifically markets this service as their Semi-Dedicated Hosting Plan. Thus, the only real limitation to SiteGround’s VPS hosting (GoGeek) is that it’s not a true VPS hosting package yet a powerful enough VPS like solution that has been reasonably priced.

While other VPS hosting providers offer you a VPS plan with Full Root Access Control, SiteGround claims that it can comfortably satisfy all the needs of their VPS based customers with their special GoGeek plan. They strongly believe that their Super Friendly + Skilled Support Team is more than capable of providing you with excellent Customer Service by solving any of the issues your site is up against! Also, SiteGround is frequently rated as the #1 Host and is considered as THE BEST even when it comes to VPS Hosting Service.

Moreover, SiteGround strictly isolates your VPS Hosting Account with the rest located on its servers by ensuring that they make use of a unique technology (what they call as HIVE). This makes each of these Semi-Dedicated Hosting accounts essentially a separate container where no single account on the server has the liberty to misbehave or interfere with the others. Unlike most of the other VPS hosting providers, SiteGround doesn’t have any strict rules on their Server Resource Usage. Therefore, you will be able to host your website/blog on a Fully Managed VPS Environment with a user-friendly specially styled cPanel (called Enhanced cPanel).

In this SiteGround VPS hosting review, I will explain you their GoGeek plan (in detail) and why exactly this special Semi-Dedicated hosting plan from SiteGround is a good replacement to the traditional VPS Hosting Servers.

SiteGround VPS Hosting Pricing & Features (2020 Review Summary)

Is SiteGround VPS Hosting Account feature-packed? Let’s find out in detail with this summarized review on SiteGround’s VPS hosting plan features and specifications…

SiteGround VPS Hosting Features Review (GoGeek Plan) 2020
SiteGround FeaturesSiteGround VPS Hosting
VPS Starting Price
Refund Policy30 Days SiteGround VPS Hosting Plan (GoGeek) Money Back Guarantee
Estimated Monthly VisitorsAround 100,000
BandwidthUnmetered Data Transfer
Web Space30 GB
Websites AllowedUnlimited
Websites AllowedUnlimited
SuperCacherAll 3 Levels
• Static Cache
• Dynamic Cache
• Memcached
Advanced On-Demand Backups Yes
Professional Site Transfer Yes
Advanced Priority Support Yes
PCI Compliant Servers Yes
Git (Pre-Installed) Yes
Advanced Site Staging Yes

SiteGround VPS Hosting Data Center Locations (2020)

SiteGround is one of the rare VPS hosting providers having data centers across the globe and not just in the US & Europe.

SiteGround VPS Hosting Trial Monthly Plan Review

SiteGround also offers a monthly VPS hosting plan where you won’t have to pay the full amount for their annual plan of GoGeek. But then this would cost you an extra One Time Server Activation Fee (1st Month SiteGround VPS Hosting Plan Fee + $24.95 Activation Fee) which is shown in detail below:

This 1-Month VPS Hosting Trial Plan by SiteGround includes a Setup Fee and the Discounted Price for their VPS Server which is applicable only for the first month. Therefore, this is definitely not an ideal or a cheap way to test out SiteGround’s VPS Hosting plan (after all at the end of this Trial Period regular prices get applicable automatically).

NOTE: I would highly recommend you to buy the 1-Year VPS Hosting Plan of SiteGround (GoGeek = Semi-Dedicated Hosting Service) which would any day be a great VPS Server Hosting Deal!

SiteGround VPS Hosting Features (Detailed Review 2020)

SiteGround offers a number of features with its VPS hosting service with some of them already being covered above in our Review Summary. Here are few more special VPS hosting features you need to know about:

1. Unique Speed Optimized VPS Platform

The Hosting Server Architecture of SiteGround’s VPS (GoGeek plan) is mainly focused on Speed. Their VPS Hosting Plans come loaded with tons of advanced features such as SSD Storage, NGINX Server, HTTP/2 Enabled Server Support, SuperCacher (for WordPress & Joomla), Free CDN and much more

2. Unlimited Visits With 30 GB Disk Space

SiteGround’s VPS hosting plan (GoGeek) offers Unmetered Bandwidth along with an Estimated Visit Count of around Hundred Thousand. However, there isn’t any strict limit on this visit count as such (unlike most of the VPS hosts out there). You also get 30 GB SSD Disk Space which should more than sufficient for a site of any size.

3. Priority Customer Service (24/7)

Any issues reported by the SiteGround VPS hosting customers are resolved much faster with Priority (than their StartUp and GrowBig plans). Moreover, VPS Hosting Accounts receive Priority even when it comes to Daily Backups that consist of Free Manual One-Click Backup Restore Option along with the Backup Storage Option (up to  30 copies).

I have been personally using SiteGround’s VPS hosting solution for years now to host multiple websites and their VPS oriented Support Response Time has always been phenomenal. Good quality Customer Support for VPS hosting service has always been an expensive affair with almost any web hosting company but SiteGround’s VPS hosting plans have been very reasonable. Furthermore, their 24/7 Priority Support for VPS has been top-notch with even their First-Tier Support Agents being very knowledgeable and extremely well informed.

4. SiteGround SuperCacher For VPS platform

SiteGround’s SuperCacher that comes with their VPS hosting plans by default implements Dynamic Caching on the Server Level (unlike the entry StartUp plan). Thus, you can eliminate the manual use of any Third-party Applications to serve Static Pages to your site visitors.

5. Fewer Users Due To Low-Density Servers

Only a limited number of users are allowed on SiteGround’s VPS Hosting Servers (GoGeek plan) which is why you will be provided with more Server Resources than any Shared hosting plan (that’s up to 4 times more resources).

6. Staging Environment For VPS Servers

The real benefit of SiteGround’s VPS hosting service comes with its Geeky perks called SiteGround Staging which allows its VPS customers to make a Duplicate site copy. Therefore, testing can be carried out with your SiteGround VPS hosting account and also a site copy is saved in the server as a perfect safety measure! A user can make as many copies on this solid VPS like Server and carry out testing of a new theme or plugin with ease.

7. eCommerce Ready Websites (PCI Compliant Servers + Free SSL Certificates)

SiteGround’s VPS Servers accommodating their GoGeek customers are strictly PCI Compliant plus they also offer you Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates. This is why SiteGround’s VPS hosting is good for eCommerce sites as they also Install eCommerce Shopping Cart (free of charge).

To know more, Read our SiteGround eCommerce Hosting Review

8. Security via SiteGround’s HIVE Account Isolation Technology

SiteGround takes security very seriously for their VPS Server hosting or Shared Server plans with the help of the next-gen LXC (Linux Containers) and through secure Account Isolation (via HIVE Technology). This means even though SiteGround’s VPS hosting is technically a Shared Server Hosting Platform, it acts more like a VPS solution where your hosting account on GoGeek plan remains unaffected from other hacked/malicious accounts of their customers (if any) located on the same server.

Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade My SiteGround VPS Hosting Plan?

Just because SiteGround’s VPS hosting service is basically their GoGeek plan, you cannot really downgrade your VPS package which would make you switch to SiteGound’s Shared server plans. However, you can upgrade it directly to their Cloud hosting servers (whenever you want).

To upgrade SiteGround’s VPS hosting plan to Cloud, you just need to log into your User Panel and make the changes. Moreover, you will not be facing any downtime during your SiteGround VPS plan upgrade process.

Do I Get Any Root Access With SiteGround VPS Hosting Service?

NOTE: You won’t be getting Full Root Access to your Installations as long as you don’t purchase SiteGround’s Enterprise Hosting Server.

SiteGround tries to manage everything on their own for VPS hosting customers and this mainly because they are confident that you wouldn’t require Root Access as long as your websites are hosted on their servers. And this is made possible by their extremely knowledgeable team who are equipped with all the essential tools to carry out complicated tasks without the use of Root Access.

SOLUTION: You can get SSH Shell Access with SiteGround’s VPS Hosting Account and it’s much simpler to generate the Public & Private Key Combinations.

Does SiteGround Offer Windows Hosting Plans With Their VPS Hosting Account?

All the hosting services of SiteGround run on Linux OS including their VPS hosting and thus they don’t really have a Windows hosting plan. This means to say that if you require Windows hosting for a VPS platform, then SiteGround won’t be a good fit. Also, Windows hosting isn’t a good fit for a complex hosting platform like Virtual Private Servers (VPS)!

Does Docker Work Properly On SiteGround’s VPS Hosting Service?

No, Docker can’t run effectively with SiteGround’s VPS hosting plans as it’s a completely managed service but then you can still get SSH Access and try connecting remotely (via a Shell). Unfortunately, Docker needs advanced permissions which SiteGround’s VPS hosting service doesn’t offer but this may not be the case with their Custom-made Enterprise Hosting Plans.

What Is The SiteGround SLA For Their VPS Hosting Plans?

SiteGround VPS Hosting Uptime Guarantee & SLA
VPS Uptime Guarantee99.9% Uptime
Between (99% & 99.99%)1-Month Free SiteGround VPS hosting
Additional SLA Compensation
(per 1% uptime lost)
1-Month Free SiteGround VPS hosting

NOTE: SiteGround Server Downtime doesn’t include the Scheduled Server Maintenance and any failures via VPS customer’s fault, DDoS Attack, etc.

Can I get a Refund on SiteGround VPS hosting account?

SiteGround offers 30 Days MoneyBack Policy on their VPS hosting plan (GoGeek) and also with their other Shared server hosting packages. In addition to this, SiteGround’s Cloud hosting plans come with 14 Days Refund Guarantee.

Conclusion: Is SiteGround Good For VPS Hosting?

Siteround’s VPS hosting (GoGeek Plan) which is also re-branded as the Semi-Dedicated hosting solution is good enough to host your website on a VPS like platform. From this plan, you can any time upgrade to their Cloud hosting with your growing need as they will manage everything for you! So till then, SiteGround’s VPS hosting plan (GoGeek) should give you everything whatever you are expecting from a VPS like Server (Speed, VPS oriented features, Performance, Uptime & much more).

Most of the people require VPS hosting to get that extra power for their websites in order to handle more inflow of traffic and not really because they need any Root Access. In this regard, SiteGround’s VPS hosting plan (GoGeek) is more than good enough as I have been myself running a number of high traffic websites all on a single SiteGround VPS hosting plan for a long time now. And the best part is am still well below my Server Resource Limits. Now, That’s great right?

If You Need An Affordable VPS Hosting Like Power?
SiteGround’s GoGeek Plan is the right choice for you!
If You Need Root Access For Your VPS Hosting Plan?
You can upgrade to SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting (their true VPS hosting plan).

I hope you found this review on SiteGround VPS Hosting Plan (2020) helpful. For any further info, Contact SiteGround VPS Priority Support.

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