SiteGround VPS Hosting Review 2021 (63% Discount Coupon)

IMPORTANT: Its been some time now after SiteGround discontinued its VPS hosting service and thus no longer offers VPS plans and packages. However, SiteGround does offer the semi-dedicated hosting service called GoGeek at $14.99 per month as well as the Cloud server hosting plans at $100.00 per month. Both of these powerful yet reasonably priced plans can be a perfect alternative to SiteGround’s previous VPS hosting service as both of them are packed with Ultrafast PHP with close to 30% performance gain!

SiteGround VPS Hosting Alternative #1 » SiteGround GoGeek Hosting Review
SiteGround VPS Hosting Alternative #2 » SiteGround Cloud Server Hosting Review


SiteGround’s GoGeek plan acts more like a special VPS Hosting solution that is good enough to host your Website/Blog/eCommerce Store on a VPS like platform. SiteGround markets GoGeek service as their proprietary Semi-Dedicated Hosting Plan with special VPS hosting like functionalities and performance. Thus, the only real limitation to SiteGround’s GoGeek service is that it’s not a true VPS hosting package yet a powerful VPS like solution packaging enough punch offered at a very reasonable price of $14.99 per month. From this plan, you can anytime upgrade either to their More Powerful + Scalable Cloud Hosting Servers. However, till then SiteGround’s GoGeek plan will better serve you with everything what you are expecting from a typical VPS hosting server.

While other VPS hosting providers offer you a VPS plan with full root access control, SiteGround claims that GoGeek can comfortably satisfy most of the needs of their customers without any need to provide full root access. They strongly believe that their Super Friendly + Skilled Support Team is more than capable of providing you with excellent Customer Service by solving any of the issues your site is up against! Also, SiteGround is frequently rated as the #1 Host and is considered as THE BEST even when it comes to VPS Hosting Service.

Moreover, SiteGround strictly isolates your VPS like GoGeek hosting account from the rest located on its servers by making effective use of a unique technology (what they call as HIVE). This makes each of these Semi-Dedicated Hosting accounts essentially a separate container where no single account on the server has the liberty to misbehave or interfere with one another. Unlike most of the other VPS hosting providers, SiteGround doesn’t have any strict rules on their Server Resource Usage. Therefore, you will be able to host your website/blog on a Fully Managed VPS like Environment.

Do I Get Any Root Access With SiteGround VPS Hosting Service?

NOTE: You won’t be getting Full Root Access to your Installations as long as you don’t purchase SiteGround’s Enterprise Hosting Server.

SiteGround tries to manage everything on their own for Shared/Cloud hosting customers and this mainly because they are confident that you wouldn’t require Root Access as long as your websites are hosted on their servers. And this is made possible by their extremely knowledgeable team who are equipped with all the essential tools to carry out complicated tasks without the use of Root Access.

Does SiteGround Offer Windows Hosting Plans With Their VPS Hosting Account?

All the hosting services of SiteGround run on Linux OS (including their VPS hosting like plan – GoGeek, Shared servers, Cloud servers, or Enterprise servers) and thus they don’t really have a Windows hosting plan. This means to say that if you require Windows hosting for a VPS like platform, then SiteGround won’t be a good fit. Also, Windows hosting isn’t a good fit for a complex hosting platform like Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Can I get a Refund on SiteGround VPS hosting account?

SiteGround offers 30 Days MoneyBack Policy with their GoGeek Semi-Dedicated hosting plan and also with their other Shared server hosting packages. In addition to this, SiteGround’s Cloud hosting plans come with 14 Days Refund Guarantee.

Conclusion: Is SiteGround Good For VPS Hosting?

SiteGround’s VPS hosting alternative so-called the GoGeek Plan which is also re-branded as the Semi-Dedicated hosting solution is good enough to host your website on a VPS like platform. From this plan, you can any time upgrade to their Cloud hosting with your growing need as they will manage everything for you! So till then, SiteGround’s GooGeek plan should give you everything whatever you are expecting from a VPS like Server.

Most of the people require VPS hosting to get that extra power for their websites in order to handle more inflow of traffic and not really because they need any Root Access. In this regard, SiteGround’s GoGeek is good enough as I have been myself running a number of high traffic websites (all on a single SiteGround GoGeek plan) for a long time now. And the best part is my hosting account was still well below my Server Resource Limits. Now, that’s great right?

If You Need An Affordable VPS Hosting Like Power?
SiteGround’s GoGeek Plan is the right choice for you!
If You Need Root Access For Your Cloud-Based VPS Hosting Plan?
You can upgrade to SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting (their true VPS hosting like plan built on highly-scalable and powerful Cloud Infrastructure).

I hope you found this review on SiteGround VPS Hosting Plan (2021) helpful. For any further info, Contact SiteGround VPS Priority Support.

SiteGround VPS Hosting Alternative #1 » SiteGround GoGeek Hosting Review
SiteGround VPS Hosting Alternative #2 » SiteGround Cloud Server Hosting Review


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