Do I Need SiteGround’s SG Site Scanner (Review 2021): Is It Worth It? How Much Does It Cost?

SiteGround SG Site Scanner Email Notification Review (2021)

SiteGround is a highly-secure managed web hosting company other than being constantly ranked and recommended as the best web host by a number of people.

However, there are certain things that you need to know prior to signing up with any of SiteGround’s web hosting plans & packages. You must ask yourself – Do you really need SiteGround’s SG Site Scanner? Is it even worth it? (I mean worth the cost) or else you will just end up unnecessarily spending your money on something which wasn’t really required, after all!

Quick Notes on the Security Features of SiteGround

Now, let’s talk a little about website security that SiteGround offers with its web hosting accounts to their customers. Unlike a lot of low-quality unsecured web hosting companies out there, SiteGround has a superior server quality that is highly secure with the company constantly releasing software updates and also works hard on creating security patches for any latest malware or vulnerability found.

Your site hosted with SiteGround is already very much secure and hence you don’t really need a security upgrade (in the form of SG Site Scanner).

So, What Is SiteGround’s SG Site Scanner Malware Monitoring Service?

SG Site Scanner refers to SiteGround’s malware detection and monitoring service or an early warning system that is powered by their security partner Sucuri (one of the largest Malware Monitoring & Blacklist Scan service provider). SG Site Scanner scans all the links on a daily basis which are accessible from your site’s home page (once activated).

Also, It will check your website across popular authoritative security-based sites to ascertain if your Domain has been blacklisted by any one of them or not. If SG Site Scanner detects any such issue, it will immediately send you a notification via Email. Thus, this helps you to take action almost immediately and get a quick remedy to the problem in order to protect your business reputation, customers, and revenue.

👉 What’s Good About SG Site Scanner?

1. Efficient Malware Scanning & Reporting System
2. Good Malware Monitoring Partner Like Sucuri
3. Easier & Friendly Interface For Threat Scanning
4. Immediate Email Notifications & Updates
5. Easily Manageable Reports Weekly

👉 What’s Bad About SG Site Scanner?

Just like any other web hosting providers, SiteGround works with other third-party services in order to resell their plans and simultaneously help their customers in protecting their websites. In my opinion, SG Site Scanner should be free and you shouldn’t be paying for it! But then it’s a paid service when it comes to SiteGround or any other web hosting provider who offers such security and site monitoring service as an extra paid add-on.

So, Should I Get SG Site Scanner? Is It Even Necessary To Buy It?


Go for the Free Wordfence security plugin instead which can scan your servers 24/7 and can also clean any potential website threats instead of ordering SiteGround’s expensive SG Site Scanner malware monitoring service. SiteGround’s SG Site Scanner offers similar malware monitoring service like Bluehost’s SiteLock Security or iPage’s Security Suite, which more or less works the same way. Beginners find these extra add-on services useful and purchase it while signing up. Whereas, most of the others smartly neglect them completely and opt for a free WordPress plugin like Wordfence.

How Much Does SiteGround’s SG Site Scanner Cost? [Pricing Details]

SiteGround’s SG Site Scanner Pricing Information
Initial Price $19.80 per year ($1.65 monthly)
Renewal Price $19.80 per year ($1.65 monthly)
(Same Renewal Cost)

SiteGround’s SG Site Scanner costs $19.80 per year or $1.65 per month with the same renewal price as well. This optional extra security monitoring add-on service by SiteGround (powered by Sucuri) can be anytime added or removed from your SiteGround web hosting package.

Thus, you can either pay annually for SiteGround’s SG Site Scanner service directly upfront during their Sign Up Process.

Or you can even order this threat scanning and malware monitoring tool from SiteGround anytime later (totally up to you). You can purchase SiteGround’s SG Site Scanner tool just by going to your Client Area » Marketplace » Hosting Services » SG Site Scanner (under Additional Services).

Wordfence vs SG Site Scanner (Powered By Sucuri): Review & Comparison (2021)

SiteGround SG Site Scanner vs Wordfence (Review & Comparison 2021)

Wordfence is a top-class security service provider (with both Free & Paid Plans) for WordPress users and is specially powered by their Threat Defence Feed which gets constantly updated. The basic version of Wordfence WordPress Plugin is free, offering its users a wide range of security features (when enabled). By using a site scanning tool like Wordfence, you can unleash various security mechanisms that will protect your site completely from hackers and any malicious codes.

Also, the Wordfence Firewall is powerful enough to protect your site and prevent any form of attack. It makes use of the most updated firewall rules, prevents malicious IP’s and offers reliable and sufficient protection to your WordPress site. Moreover, Wordfence takes up the crucial security-related responsibility of complete due diligence prior to allowing any traffic to your blog or website.

NOTE: Unlike Wordfence, SiteGround’s SG Site Scanner isn’t any application that will provide you complete protection to your website against any attack. It’s just an optional paid hack monitoring/malicious code checking security add-on feature from SiteGround.

Conclusion: Is SG Site Scanner Required? Do You Need This Paid Security Add-on From SiteGround For Your Website?

While checking out during the SiteGround web hosting plan purchase, they will provide you an option to add SG Site Scanner for an additional fee (which is an optional add-on feature). If you ask me or any other WordPress techie, the most common answer what you would get is – NO, YOU DON’T NEED SITEGROUND’s SG SITE SCANNER WHILE PURCHASE THEIR WEB HOSTING SERVICE! There are various other free security applications available that will scan your site for malware (Wordfence being the free alternative which I use too).

So you can head over to, select a hosting plan for your site and then select their Domain Privacy Protection feature (optional again), and finally uncheck the SG Site Scanner service.

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Do You Recommend SiteGround Hosting? Yes, absolutely! Their advanced server-level security suites, premium customer support, and best-in-class enterprise-level hardware and software no doubt makes SiteGround the safest environment to host your blog or website. I hope our review on Do You Need SiteGround’s SG Site Scanner? Is It Worth The Cost? was helpful to you!

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