SiteGround StartUp Review 2020 (70% Discount Coupon)

1. Just $3.95/month (Affordable entry plan from SiteGround)
2. Only host recommended by Top 3 CMSes
3. Rated #1 across multiple FB Polls (very rare thing)
4. Uptime Guarantee = 99.99% (that’s just phenomenal)
5. Advanced Speed Technology for improved website load time
6. Data Centers across 3 Continents
7. FREE Cloudflare CDN service
8. NGINX server & SSD storage
9. FREE SSL & backups with StartUp account
10. Strong security solutions with accounts isolation feature
11. 24/7 super fast standard SiteGround support for StartUp plan
12. 30 day StartUp plan money back guarantee
1. Single website allowed to be hosted with the StartUp plan
2. Standard support with StartUp plan is great but lacks Priority Support
3. No longer includes Free SiteGround Migration like GrowBig or GoGeek
4. Lacks higher storage (still good enough)
5. Lacks server resources as its the SiteGround entry plan
SiteGround StartUp
Uptime & Reliability
SiteGround StartUp
Speed & Performance
SiteGround StartUp
 Server Resources
SiteGround StartUp
Security & Anti-Hack Protection
SiteGround StartUp
Pricing & Value
SiteGround StartUp
WordPress Compatibility
SiteGround StartUp
Customer Support
Whether you’re just starting a blog or you’re looking for a faster, more reliable host – The StartUp plan from SiteGround is an ideal choice for starting a blog or if you are just looking for a faster shared hosting provider. For this price, I really doubt you would find a better shared hosting service where you wouldn’t want to overlook your investment as StartUp account is totally worth it. SiteGround’s StartUp account is a great entry plan for those who are currently running a small website or want to start their own blog and receiving less than 10,000 monthly visitors.

So, you have decided to go with SiteGround’s StartUp Plan? You found this review mainly because you are considering to switch over to SiteGround’s shared hosting (maybe the beginner StartUp plan). Before moving on with this review, let me tell you this – Bravo! You are making the Right Choice!

SiteGround – Consistently Rated #1 Shared Web Hosting Service + Best For Starter Websites

But before you even buy SiteGround’s StartUp plan, you need to know about their other shared hosting offerings and if you need higher SiteGround plans for your current requirements or StartUp plan is just right.

SiteGround’s bigger plan GrowBig (only $2/month more) gets you a lot of additional stuff with about 2x more server resources, speed, SG priority support, and an option to host unlimited sites (instead of a single site with StartUp). Then comes the SiteGround’s semi-dedicated hosting GoGeek plan with even more server resources and features (about 4x faster than most of the other shared hosting providers).

SiteGround StartUp Pricing & Features (2020)

Is SiteGround’s StartUp Plan feature packed? Let’s find out with this summarized review on StartUp account features.

SiteGround StartUp Plan Features (2020 Review)
SiteGround StartUp PricingSiteGround StartUp Plan
Special Offer Price$3.95/month
(Regular Price $11.95/month)
Refund Policy30 Days SiteGround StartUp Money-Back Guarantee
SiteGround StartUp Plan Features (2020 Review)
SiteGround StartUp FeaturesSiteGround StartUp Plan
Number of Websites HostedOnly One
Storage Space20 GB SSD Disk Space
Monthly BandwidthUnmetered
Estimated Monthly Visitors~10,000 Unique Visits
No. of SubdomainsUnlimited
No. of Parked DomainsUnlimited
MySQL DatabasesUnlimited
Free Installation of CMS Yes
cPanel & Softaculous Yes
Free Email Accounts Yes
SiteGround SuperCacherOnly Level 1
Free Daily Automated Backups30 Copies
Free Backups Restore No
Free Backup (On-Demand) No
Git (Pre-Installed) No
Staging Environment No
Free Shopping Cart Install Yes
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate Yes
PCI Compliance No
Free Website Transfer No
SiteGround StartUp Plan Server Resources (2020 Review)
StartUp Server ResourcesSiteGround StartUp Plan
Simultaneous Server Processes10
Single IP Simultaneous Connections10
Average Process Execution Time per Day2 sec
CPU Seconds per Program1,000/hour
Server Memory per Process768 MB
CPU UsageNot over 20% for SiteGround StartUp plan for a period longer than 10 seconds
Minimum Cron Job Interval30 minutes
SiteGround StartUp Plan Database Resources (2020 Review)
StartUp Database ResourcesSiteGround StartUp Plan
Database Size500 MB
Database Table Size250 MB
Database QueriesUp to 10% of SiteGround StartUp Plan Server Resources
SiteGround StartUp Plan Email Resources Review (2020)
StartUp Email ResourcesSiteGround StartUp Plan
Mailbox Size2 GB
Attachment Size50 MB
Email Sends per Hour400
Emails Received per Minute20
Email Recepients40
Undelivered Email Retry Time11 Hours
SiteGround StartUp Plan Customer Support Review (2020)
StartUp Support TypesSiteGround StartUp Plan
24/7 Super Fast Premium StartUp Support Yes
SiteGround StartUp Live Chat Support Yes
SiteGround StartUp Email/Ticket Support Yes
SiteGround StartUp Phone Support Yes
SiteGround Priority Support No

SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans & Packages (2020)

Did you know that there are 3 different Shared Hosting Plans of SiteGround to choose from? Each of these SiteGround plans come with different features and pricing (depending on your budget and needs). These plans are more or less similar, even though there are a few differences which I would want you to take a look at to make the right choice.

The SiteGround StartUp plan is the very basic entry level shared hosting option from SiteGround which comes with the least amount of features (unmetered bandwidth with around 10,000 monthly visitors) and has been priced the lowest $3.95/- per month. One of the main differences between the SiteGround’s smallest shared web hosting plan and its two bigger/better plans is that you are limited to hosting a single website (with the SiteGround’s StartUp plan).

The SiteGround GrowBig Plan (Read: SiteGround GrowBig Review) is a bigger/better shared hosting plan with unmetered bandwidth which can handle around 25,000 monthly visitors, costing you $5.95/- per month. With just $2/- more, you get better features and notice a difference of 15,000 visitors allowed between the smallest and the bigger plan. If you are close to the 10,000 monthly visits mark, then going with SiteGround GrowBig over SiteGround StartUp would be a better option.

The SiteGround GoGeek plan (Read: SiteGround GoGeek Review) is the high-end level shared hosting option (unmetered bandwidth semi-dedicated service with around 100,000 monthly visitors count) which could be an overkill for those who are just starting out (aren’t getting 25,000+ monthly visitors) and do not wish to spend $11.95/- per month.

SiteGround StartUp vs GrowBig vs GoGeek

SiteGround StartUp (Half The Server Resources) vs GrowBig

SiteGround StartUp Review (2020) Server Resources Comparison

The StartUp plan of SiteGround doesn’t include as much of server resources when compared to their higher plans like GrowBig or GoGeek. This plays a vital role when it comes to your website speed which is why GrowBig is much faster than StartUp (and GoGeek much more) because of more server resources you get with each of these shared hosting plans of SiteGround.

When is SiteGround StartUp Plan good for your blog or website?

SiteGround’s StartUp Plan would be a good web hosting option for your starter WordPress website to sign up with if…

1. You need SiteGround hosting for one website only
2. You are a beginner and quite new to blogging
3. You are fine with up to 10 GB of SSD storage
4. You don’t require a lot of server resources
5. You don’t mind giving SiteGround’s priority support feature a skip
6. You haven’t installed a lot of bulky high-resource plugins
7. You are having/expecting less than 10,000 monthly visits for the time being
8. You want a hosting company to migrate your site over for FREE
9. You are facing technical issues with your current host
10. You need a hosting company like SiteGround with a 24/7 helpful support team
11. You require a host like SiteGround with great uptime of 99.99%
12. You want a secure hosting company like SiteGround with spam prevention
13. You require FREE automatic daily backups, updates, and email accounts
14. You don’t want to buy premium SSL but instead, need FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL
15. You want to cash in on SiteGround’s Speed Technology to boost speed
16. You need FREE Cloudflare CDN to reduce latency
17. You are just running a hobby site (for serious websites sign up with SiteGround GrowBig or GoGeek plan)

Coupons/Promo Codes Not Needed!

When do you need an upgrade from SiteGround StartUp plan to GrowBig or GoGeek?

Upgrading to SiteGround GrowBig or GoGeek plan from SiteGround StartUp plan or you can instead directly get started by signing up with these higher shared web hosting plans of SiteGround if…

1. You are running a business website and rely on it to make a living
2. You have/planning to host multiple websites on SiteGround
3. You need more server resources than StartUp plan for faster load time
4. You need more storage than the StartUp plan (probably more than 10 GB or 20 GB+)
5. You make use of a lot of bulky high-resource applications and WordPress plugins
6. You wish to make use of SiteGround’s priority support (for getting your tickets answered immediately)
7. You want Pre-installed Git by SiteGround for WordPress repo creation
8. You need advanced caching with Level 3 access
9. You are planning to create staging websites (SiteGround GoGeek has this advanced feature)
10. You need PCI compliant servers for your E-commerce site
11. You require a premium wildcard SSL certificate

eCommerce Hosting Features with SiteGround StartUp Servers

All SiteGround shared hosting plans are equiped with eCommerce features which are even included with StartUp account. Free shopping cart install and free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate are included with StartUp plan except the PCI compliance which is only included with GoGeek account.

Also, you get free installation of eCommerce applications with StartUp account.

Can I Use WordPress With SiteGround StartUp Hosting Plan?

Yes, SiteGround’s StartUp plan has in-built WordPress rich features to help you in creating your WordPress site in just a few clicks. If you are just a beginner, you absolutely don’t have to worry as your SiteGround StartUp account comes with a WordPress dedicated support team of experts willing to solve any issues you are facing. Furthermore, all their plans including the StartUp are specially crafted to offer maximum speed and performance in order to improve the WordPress hosting experience of their customers.

cPanel tools for StartUp WordPress hosting…

SiteGround StartUp plan features for Joomla & Drupal

SiteGround’s StartUp offers rich features for Joomla and Drupal hosting such as free CMS installation, transfer, advanced game changing security solutions, autoupdates and so on.

Here are Joomla features for SiteGround StartUp plan…

Joomla tools in cPanel…

Here are Drupal features for SiteGround StartUp plan…

SiteGround StartUp Plan Uptime is 100%

I have originally used several other shared hosts and was very disappointed with their uptime with websites loading slow and often getting internal server errors more frequently. After migrating to SiteGround’s StartUp plan, I noticed a huge difference in the response time with uptime mostly 100% on Pingdom.

You can also check the uptime and response time of SiteGround’s GrowBig and GoGeek account as well other than their entry StartUp plan.

SiteGround StartUp cPanel Demo

Here’s the cPanel Demo of SiteGround’s StartUp account for a test drive.

SiteGround Support For Their StartUp Account

You won’t have to wait for over 30 minutes just to get a reply from someone while you are facing any hosting issue in case of SiteGround’s standard support for their StartUp account (unlike several other shared hosts which have poor support system). SiteGround’s support staff usually responds to your tickets in less than 10 minutes and this is even faster with their priority support service (included with their GoGeek account).

But even if SiteGround’s priority support isn’t included with your plan it’s still not a big deal as SiteGround’s basic support for their StartUp package is still super helpful and quick with their knowledgeable chat agents always ready to help you with any technical issues. I usually get a response from SiteGround support agents for their StartUp plan within a few minutes of submitting a ticket and you can expect the same speed as well.

SiteGround’s Chat support for StartUp plan can solve your issue usually within 5 minutes…

With StartUp Tickets are answered usually within 8 minutes…

Some amazing feedback and real user reviews for SiteGround support including their StartUp plan…

How To Get Siteground StartUp Discount Deal Without Using Any Promotional Offers Or Coupon Codes?

Getting the SiteGround StartUp Deal is quite easy and you don’t even require using any coupons/discount codes whatsoever. To claim the discount on your SiteGround StartUp account purchase, you can just follow our detailed guide below:


Visit the SiteGround StartUp plan 2020 offer page by clicking this link

Coupons/Promo Codes Not Needed!


Now click on the GET PLAN option to choose the StartUp Plan Deal


Register your Domain Name in order to host it with SiteGround’s StartUp plan or you can just fill it (if you have any already) and click on the PROCEED button.


Fill up all the info and then click on the PAY NOW option.

Finally, you just completed the StartUp hosting plan registration & auto-activated the SiteGround’s discount deal for StartUp plan.

Conclusion: Is SiteGround StartUp Plan Worth It?

SiteGround StartUp plan is good for beginners and hobby sites but if you are planning to start a business website or already running one to make a living, then I would suggest to be a little bit more serious and to directly get started with SiteGround’s GrowBig or GoGeek plan.

SiteGround’s GrowBig is just $2/- more per month and will help your site load faster (getting you SG priority support and other advanced features). Also, if you require much more faster loading site, then SiteGround’s higher semi-dedicated shared hosting GoGeek plan is way better. I was very much happy and relieved after I migrated my sites to SiteGround (from poor/unreliable hosts) and I believe you too shall feel the same, once you migrate your site to SiteGround’s StartUp or other higher plans.

Summing up, SiteGround StartUp is good and decent but GrowBig & GoGeek are great! I hope this SiteGround StartUp Review (2020) was helpful! If you have any questions regarding SiteGround’s StartUp or any other plans – You can reach out to their knowledgeable and friendly support team who would be anytime glad to help you 24/7!

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