SiteGround Monthly Plan Payment: Can I Get Billed Monthly?

SiteGround Monthly Plan Payment Review (2020)

A few users complain about SiteGround being slightly pricier when compared to some of the other low-quality cheaper shared hosting providers. So, they sign with such pathetic hosting companies just to save a few pennies, only to end up getting frustrated and finally switching to a better host.

However, I truly believe that SiteGround plans are cheap and very much affordable and also their monthly price for each of their hosting plan is completely justified by their service quality, uptime, speed and frequently being rated as the best web hosting company!

NOTE: A lot of web hosting companies do not offer any monthly plans and choose to stick with annual hosting plans.

Some of the customers want to sign up for a monthly hosting plan of SiteGround as they find it more convenient and budget-friendly over SiteGround’s upfront annual plans. So, the most common and frequently asked question I come across when it comes to Siteground hosting is:

Is there a SiteGround monthly hosting plan?

In this post, I will be going to answer this question with some in-depth review and the complete breakdown of Siteground’s monthly plan payment.

👉 Siteground Monthly Plan: Can I Pay Monthly?

SiteGround Monthly Plan Payment & Billings Process

YES, there are Siteground monthly plans being offered which will allow you in paying for your Siteground web hosting needs on a monthly basis. But I must tell you that SiteGround monthly plan is more of a trial plan for you to try out their hosting plans. Unfortunately, it’s not really possible to set up monthly SiteGround payments if you want to use their shared hosting plans.

These Siteground monthly plans are very helpful if you have limited cash in hand or for that matter not so sure if you want to invest in a monthly plan or the annual hosting plan of SiteGround.

The main downside of going with the monthly plan of SiteGround is that you will be charged a sum of $14.95 (a one-time plan activation fee) while signing up with Siteground which is charged only for their monthly plan and not annual plans. Furthermore, a charge of $24.95 one time plan activation fee needs to be paid for higher shared hosting plans (which is again for a monthly plan only).

👉 SiteGround Monthly & Yearly Billing Cycles

With SiteGround, there are basically 4 different hosting plan billing cycles which you can choose from based on your needs, budget, and long-term plans.

1-month (1 Month SiteGround Trial Plan Billing Cycle)
12-months (Annual SiteGround Plan Billing Cycle)
24-months (Bi-annual SiteGround Plan Billing Cycle)
36-months (Tri-annual SiteGround Plan Billing Cycle)

NOTE: Longer the billing cycle you decide to go with for payment, cheapest will be your monthly plan cost with SiteGround.

I was sure that I will be going to keep my blogs and websites up for a while plus I was thinking of saving as much money as I could. This is why I ended up paying for SiteGround’s 3-year plan over their monthly plan or any other billing cycle and am very glad I did so because am very much satisfied with their hosting quality and service. Also, I would recommend you to do the same or at least paying for their annual plan and saving more.

One thing that I really love about SiteGround hosting is that even though they don’t have a full-fledged monthly plan (other than that trial plan), they do have a 30 day money back guarantee which acts as an icing on the cake for you to try out their monthly or annual plan (risk-free).

👉 Is SiteGround’s Monthly Plan Worth It?

Another common question what the users ask is whether going with SiteGround’s monthly plans is worth it or you should instead go with SiteGround’s annual plans itself. My short answer to this question is a NO! Here is a detailed pricing analysis for monthly, yearly, bi-annual and tri-annual SiteGround plans with the complete cost breakdown, discounts, and savings being calculated from plan-to-plan.

Click here to get started with Siteground’s monthly trial hosting plan or annual plan for your blog or website.

👉 Siteground StartUp Monthly & Annual Plan [Cost Breakdown]

Siteground’s monthly plan for their StartUp hosting plan costs only $3.95 per month plus they will even charge you an additional fee of $14.95 which is just a one-time fee for their plan activation.

Therefore, the Siteground plan total (includes the initial month charge and the activation fee) would be $18.90. After you pay for SiteGround’s first month, you will then be charged $11.95 month-to-month for their StartUp plan. However, if you pay for their yearly plan, you get a big discount for the long run.

NOTE: Discounted price on StartUp applies only for the first month if you go with SiteGround monthly plan which is a trial option. And the same thing applies to SiteGround’s GrowBig and GoGeek monthly plan as well.

SiteGround StartUp Monthly Plan Payment
• 1-Month Trial Plan » $3.95 Monthly » $24.95 (One-Time Plan Setup fee)
• 12-Month Plan » $3.95 Monthly » $47.40 Yearly
• 24-Month Plan » $3.95 Monthly » $94.80 Yearly
• 36-Months (Maximum Discount Plan) » $3.95 Monthly » $142.20 Yearly

👉 Siteground GrowBig Monthly & Annual Plan [Cost Breakdown]

If you sign up with SiteGround’s GrowBig monthly plan, the total cost for the first month would be $5.95 (monthly plan fee) plus the $24.95 (one-time plan activation fee). The grand total would be $30.90 for Siteground’s GrowBig Monthly plan and then on $19.95 month-to-month.

SiteGround GrowBig Monthly Plan Payment
• 1-Month Trial Plan » $5.95 Monthly » $24.95 (One-Time Plan Setup fee)
• 12-Month Plan » $5.95 Monthly » $71.40 Yearly
• 24-Month Plan » $5.95 Monthly » $142.80 Yearly
• 36-Months (Maximum Discount Plan) » $5.95 Monthly » $214.20 Yearly

👉 Siteground GoGeek Monthly & Annual Plan [Cost Breakdown]

If you sign up with SiteGround’s GoGeek monthly plan, the total payable amount for the first month would be $11.95 plus approximately $24.95 (one-time plan activation fee). Thus, the grand total would be $36.90 SiteGround’s GoGeek monthly plan and $34.95 then on month-to-month.

SiteGround GoGeek Monthly Plan Payment
• 1-Month Trial Plan » $11.95 Monthly » $24.95 (One-Time Plan Setup fee)
• 12-Month Plan » $11.95 Monthly » $143.40 Yearly
• 24-Month Plan » $11.95 Monthly » $286.80 Yearly
• 36-Months (Maximum Discount Plan) » $11.95 Monthly » $430.20 Yearly

👉 Does SiteGround Cloud hosting & Dedicated server hosting have any month-to-month plan?

YES, SiteGround offers monthly plans with their cloud hosting service with their plans being priced at $80/month (for their Entry Cloud Plan). Furthermore, SiteGround’s dedicated server hosting has monthly plans as well that starts from $269/month (for their Entry Server Plan).


Apart from everything else, it’s just the extraordinary customer service for any of the hosting plans you choose with SiteGround is what really helps them in standing out from their competitors. This is the main reason why I would recommend SiteGround even if you are in search of a host that offers monthly plans.

We hope this Review on Siteground’s Monthly Plan Payment was helpful to you. I would highly recommend you to sign up for the annual hosting plan of SiteGround over their monthly plan which is more of a trial plan.

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