SiteGround Domain Privacy Cost (Review 2021): Is It Worth It? Do I Need It?

👉 What is SiteGround Domain Privacy Protection?

Unprotected WHOIS info without protection vs SiteGround domain privacy protection add-on

When you Register a Domain Name with SiteGround, the process includes you disclosing your private information such as Your Name, Address, Email, Telephone Number, etc to your Domain Registrar (SiteGround in this case). But you should also know that once you are done with your domain name registration process with SiteGround, your personal contact information becomes available almost immediately to the general public (via the Whois database).

However, you can still stop this from happening (if needed) by using SiteGround’s Domain Privacy Protection feature which was previously known by the name Domain ID Protect. This optional paid domain extra service offered by SiteGround ensures that all your contact information is kept Private and not disclosed to the General Public.

👉 SiteGround Domain Privacy Protection Price: Is It Worth Buying The Extra Services From SiteGround?

SiteGround domain privacy protection vs without privacy

With a price of around $1 per month ($12 annually) for SiteGround’s domain privacy protection add-on feature, you get peace of mind over SiteGround’s Domain Registration. However, the renewal price of their domain privacy service is slightly higher as it would cost you $2 per month ($24 per year).

👉 Do I Need SiteGround Domain Privacy Protection?

It totally depends on whether you want your personal information to be made available on a website where others can look up for it anytime or not? A lot of people don’t really bother to choose the Domain Privacy Protection (Domain ID Protect) option offered by SiteGround simply because maybe they haven’t given it a thought till date. In fact, they may not have been even aware of this being a serious issue. However, we have already informed you regarding this issue right in advance, so it’s now up to you to make the best choice!

It’s a YES if…
You are concerned about your privacy!
It’s a NO if…
You are a beginner or on a tight budget and also have an option to buy this extra service from SiteGround for your Domain anytime in the future as well.

👉 How do I hide my personal information of my Domain Name registered at Siteground from the WHOIS Database?

SiteGround users can protect their personal details with their Domain Privacy Protection extra add-on service (previously known as the Domain ID Protect) used to protect the privacy of your domain name registered with them.

You can either buy this feature while signing up with SiteGround during the time you purchase both your Domain Name and Hosting or you can also order this feature later on. Go to SiteGround’s Client Area » Marketplace » Domain Services » Domain Privacy

If your domain registered at SiteGround is owned by an individual, all the personal data relating to the owner will be hidden. Therefore, only the information regarding the Domain Name Registration/Expiration Date will be visible.

And if the SiteGround registered domain is owned not by an individual but a Company, then the Organisation field will get publicly visible in the WHOIS info whereas the Email, Telephone Number, Address, etc will still be hidden.

👉 How to Manage and Protect the WHOIS Information of your SiteGround Domain?

When it comes to .com, .net or any other generic top-level domain extensions, the domain privacy protection service must be ordered additionally. By enabling this add-on service, your personal details will get replaced entirely with the information of SiteGround’s registrar. This is a powerful feature that reduces spam, prevents identity theft, and email harvesting.

If this feature is available for your domain name extension, you need to click the GET button by going to SiteGround’s Client Area » Marketplace » Domain Services » Domain Privacy (under Add Domain Extras).

Which TLDs allow the SiteGround Domain Privacy Protection Feature?

SiteGround’s Domain ID Protect feature can be purchased for the popular general purpose TLDs such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name, .cc, .tv, .me and so on. However, this optional feature of SiteGround domain registration isn’t applicable to all the Domain name extensions, especially the country-based TLDs (ccTLDs) such as .us, .uk,, .ca, .nl and so on.

Why some Domain Name Extensions don’t allow Private Domain Registration?

Most of the Country based Domain Extensions (ccTLDs) don’t permit the use of SiteGround’s Domain Privacy Protection or Domain ID Protect feature. Each ccTLD has its own Registry policy and they do not allow proxy domain name registration that prevents the Registry from displaying accurate data. Therefore, to comply with such kind of restrictions, SiteGround doesn’t provide Domain ID Protect service with all the available domain name extensions.

Can I use SiteGround’s Domain Privacy Protection with .uk domains?

No, Domain ID Protection feature of SiteGround isn’t available for .uk domain names.

Why can’t I see the whois information for my .ca domain registered with SiteGround?

According to the latest CIRA Policy, any modification to the whois info for your .ca domain is only visible on specific registrar WHOIS lookups. The WHOIS details change cannot be performed more often than 60 days and this is why any of your contact information won’t be visible (on the global WHOIS search engines).

Is the Domain Privacy Protection feature available for free for the SiteGround customers owning a .it domain?

The European Data Protection Regulation which is applicable from May 25th, 2018) has enforced that the Domain Privacy Protection (Domain ID Protect) service is available FREE OF CHARGE for all the SiteGround customers who registered/transferred a .it domain with/to them.

I hope our guide on SiteGround Domain Privacy Protection Review (2021): Do You Need It & Is It Worth The Cost? was helpful to you in finding out whether you should go for this extra paid domain add-on feature from SiteGround web hosting or just give it a skip and buy it somewhere later. For further help on SiteGround’s Domain related queries, contact their 24×7 Support Helpline.

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