SiteGround Renewal Discount 2020 (Renewal Price 70% OFF)

SiteGround Renewal Fees Price Discount Coupon (2020)

As a newbie blogger, you want to sign up with a web host with exceptional quality and also you don’t really want to overspend especially on your first one or two years of web hosting. This is why many look for a cheap host whereas SiteGround is a reasonably priced host plus with amazing customer service and performance. I agree that SiteGround’s renewal price is quite expensive when compared to its initial special promotional price but definitely not too expensive!

If you manage to sign up with SiteGround for multiple years you get the maximum discount on your purchase of superior quality hosting. So, read on to know more about SiteGround renewal discount coupon codes, promotional deals, and more.

SiteGround Renewal Price Increase

Yes, SiteGround did increase the renewal prices of its Shared hosting service including the WordPress hosting plans which could sadly increase your web hosting cost with SiteGround, especially on renewals!

SiteGround Web Hosting Renewal Price Increase

Previously, the renewal cost of SiteGround’s StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek plan were $9.95, $14.95, and $29.95 respectively! Recently due to the increase in the renewal fees of SiteGround, the new renewal rates for SiteGround StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek plan are $11.95 (increased by $2), $19.95 (increased by $5), and $34.95 (increased by $5) respectively!

Is SiteGround Web Hosting Plan Renewal Worth The Price?

Almost every web host (including SiteGround) follows the higher renewal pricing trick to get more customers by showcasing the initial cheaper discounted price and later on they charge the regular price without discount (upon renewal). You can check one such example where a blogger on a popular Facebook group is confused about renewing his SiteGround StartUp hosting account.

Also, you can see several other users advising him to just stick with SiteGround in spite of their higher renewal rates as they feel SiteGround is simply the best in the hosting business.

How To Get SiteGround Renewal Discount Coupon Code For Their Web Hosting Plans?

You can easily save as much as $192 on SiteGround’s StartUp shared hosting plan, $336 on Siteground’s Growbig plan, and $552 on SiteGround’s GoGeek plan by signing up with their 36-month subscription plan.

36-months SiteGround GrowBig price discount on the plan purchase

NOTE: SiteGround does not offer any discount coupon codes/promo codes on their renewal hosting prices but you still enjoy the benefit of SiteGround’s Renewal pricing with 24-month or 36-month plan subscription.

How can you get cheap SiteGround renewals when their renewal prices are expensive?

Before we even talk about SiteGround’s renewal discount and pricing, let’s find out why SiteGround is so popular and why people love them and don’t get second thoughts while renewing their web hosting service.

Forget the renewal price tag, SiteGround is rated as Number 1 Host!

Now, let’s find out how exactly you can save money without any SiteGround renewal hosting deals or discount codes.

👉 METHOD-1: Buy Annual SiteGround Hosting Plan & Later Renew For 24-Months

SiteGround StartUp 12-month plan price discount

If you buy SiteGround’s StartUp 12-month Shared/WordPress hosting package, it will cost you…
$3.95 x 12 months = $47.40
(Initial SiteGround StartUp Account Discounted Price)

Later on, if you renew this same hosting plan for another 24 months, it will cost you…
$11.95 x 24 months = $286.80
(Regular SiteGround StartUp Account Price Without Discount)

TOTAL COST: ($47.40 + $286.80) = $334.20
(For 36 Months Of SiteGround StartUp Hosting Plan)

NOTE: SiteGround Domain Registration fees = $15.95/year with similar renewal prices.

👉 METHOD-2: Buy 3-Year SiteGround Hosting Plan For Maximum Discount

SiteGround StartUp 36-month plan price discount

If you purchase SiteGround’s 36-month StartUp hosting plan in one go, it would cost you…
$3.95 x 36 = $142.20
(Initial SiteGround StartUp Account Discounted Price)

TOTAL DISCOUNT: ($334.20 – $142.20) = $192.00

NOTE: SiteGround Domain Registration fee = $15.95/year with similar renewal prices.

👉 SiteGround GrowBig Renewal Discount

SiteGround GrowBig 36-month plan price discount
1-Year SiteGround GrowBig Price: $71.40
($5.95/month with the discount applied for first 12 months)
2-Year SiteGround GrowBig Price: $142.80
($5.95/month with the discount applied for first 24 months)
3-Year SiteGround GrowBig Price: $214.20
($5.95/month with the discount applied for first 36 months)
NOTE: SiteGround Domain Registration fees = $15.95/year with similar renewal prices.

👉 SiteGround GoGeek Renewal Discount

SiteGround GoGeek 36-month plan price discount
1-Year SiteGround GoGeek Price: $143.40
($11.95/month with the discount applied for first 12 months)
2-Year SiteGround GoGeek Price: $286.80
($11.95/month with the discount applied for first 24 months)
3-Year SiteGround GoGeek Price: $430.20
($11.95/month with the discount applied for first 36 months)
NOTE: SiteGround Domain Registration fees = $15.95/year with similar renewal prices.


SiteGround Renewal Fees Payment Confirmation

So, before choosing SiteGround or any other web hosting company, you must first check their renewal pricing policies and discounts. I highly recommend you to increase your SiteGround subscription period to maybe 36 months in order to enjoy the maximum possible discount on their web hosting plans.


How much does SiteGround Domain renewal cost?

SiteGround domain name price starts from $12.95 a year with the .com domain costing $15.95 per year. The renewal cost for SiteGround domains is more or less similar for Popular and Country-based Domain Names. However, the renewal cost of SiteGround’s Special Domains is slightly pricier.

How to turn off auto-renewal billing option for my SiteGround service subscriptions?

By default, all shared hosting and cloud server hosting accounts of SiteGround are set on auto-renewal billing mode. The accounts of SiteGround customers with over 12 months hosting are renewed automatically about 15 days prior to the date of expiration.

Turn-Off SiteGround Auto-Renewal Billing Option

The auto-renewal option is Turned ON by default just to make the SiteGround billing process convenient so that you don’t really miss out on any of your SiteGround payment due dates. Furthermore, you can avoid any service expiration or possible service suspension (especially due to the missed/late renewal fees payment).

NOTE: Canceling the SiteGround’s auto-renewal billing mode means that they won’t be able to automatically bill you as your service nears expiration and thus it won’t get renewed (unless you do it yourself manually).

If you are sure about the cancellation of SiteGround’s auto-renewal billing mode for your hosting plan subscription, then you can go to your SiteGround User Area » Billing » Billing Settings. You need to then switch off the Auto-renewal toggle (located right next to the service subscription).

How do I renew my SiteGround hosting account?

SiteGround Hosting Account Renewal

Any SiteGround service can be renewed easily and quickly through your SiteGround User Area, going to the Billing section and finally clicking on the Renew button which is located corresponding to each SiteGround service subscribed by you.

If the SiteGround renewal payment is successful, you will immediately receive a confirmation email and if it fails, they will contact you via email in order to request further renewal payment assistance on your part.

If I renew my SiteGround web hosting account even before it expires, when will the renewal date count? Is it from the date of renewal or from the expiration date?

Whenever you renew your SiteGround hosting account, it doesn’t really matter when (even if you renew it exactly on the day of expiration or a few weeks/months/days prior to the expiration date), the account renewal will always be counted from the date of expiration.

EXAMPLE: If your SiteGround account expires on 31st August 2020 and you want to renew it for one year on 5th August 2020, then the new expiration date for your SiteGround account will be 31st August 2021 and not 5th August 2021.

When will my SiteGround web hosting account be operational once I pay the renewal fees?

If upon expiration your SiteGround web hosting account gets suspended, they will reactivate it immediately when you make your SiteGround renewal payment.

How can I renew my Domain Name registered by SiteGround?

You can renew your SiteGround Domain Name registered via SiteGround by going to your SiteGround User Area » My accounts » Domain Names.

Renew Your Domain Registered With

All SiteGround web hosting services including the domains are by default set on auto-renewal billing which means SiteGround will automatically attempt to bill you whenever your subscription renewal is due for payment.

Other than your hosting service, if your domain name registered with SiteGround has also expired, you need to allow up to 24 hours for the propagation process to complete before your SiteGround domain name gets reactivated and your site will be up and running.

Your Domain names registered with SiteGround that have been expired for more than 45 days automatically enter the Redemption Period where you won’t be able to renew your domains automatically. However, you can post a ticket from your SiteGround User Area, and then go to Support and lastly, the Billing section where the SiteGround support team will assist you.

How will I know when my SiteGround web hosting subscription is due for renewal?

All SiteGround web hosting accounts are by default set on automatic annual renewal mode mainly because it is a much more convenient practice where the SiteGround customers prefer having their web hosting plans renewed on a yearly basis. Thus, they don’t need to worry about their account expiration and possible service suspension/termination.

The existing customers of SiteGround receive a price freeze on their hosting renewal fees and also get up to 30% discount on the regular prices during the time of renewal. Multi-year renewals (more than 1 year) are also available for SiteGround’s shared hosting accounts. Furthermore, SiteGround customers also get early reminders about their upcoming web hosting plan renewals.

Is a renewal for my primary SiteGround domain included with my SiteGround hosting account renewal?

The renewal fees for SiteGround Domain Names aren’t included in their web hosting renewals. It used to be the case when previously SiteGround used to run certain special promotional sales with Free Domain. However, they have currently stopped such sales and thus your renewals for Siteground Domain are calculated separately other than your SiteGround web hosting fees.

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