About Us

We at SiteSource101.com aim at educating our users about the “Do’s” & “Dont’s” of web hosting in order to recommend them the best, affordable and most reliable web hosting companies and packages. Moreover, our beginner tutorials to the world of blogging will surely help you in making your blogging life better & hassle-free.

Our Team

Thanks for your valuable time to know a little more about us (a team consisting of 4 members). We are all doing the same web development and content writing job with our keen interest and knowledge lies in researching various web hosting companies and blogging tools so that we can share our knowledge and expertise with you via our in-depth reviews.

How Do We Review?

Our website SiteSource101.com may not include the entire universe of hosting and blogging related offers because we only recommend those services that we only personally use. We never judge any web hosting companies without researching and testing it for genuine results which is why we execute routine tests for those providers who are already in business.

All web hosting services are reviewed based on our personal experience with them with some of the key scoring factors considered while reviewing are mentioned below:

  • Is the web host’s uptime reliable and as good as guaranteed?
  • How easy is the website/blog set up process with the host?
  • How fast is the server response time?
  • How reasonable is the plan pricing and if any further discounts available?
  • How good is their customer support?
  • How user-friendly is the web host’s control panel?
  • Are there any free goodies offered and how useful are they?
  • How popular is the web host and what is the talk about it in the industry?
  • Are timely back-ups provided by the web host?
  • What premium security features are offered by the host?

I would be very glad to address any further queries and review requests you have regarding web hosting. You can just drop us a quick message here.