SiteGround Pricing (2020) How Much Does Each Plan Cost?

SiteGround Pricing Review (2020) Which Is The Best Web Hosting Plan?

Looks like you are very much interested in signing up with SiteGround, which is why you want to know more about its pricing and features. But maybe you are slightly confused and want some advice on choosing the best SiteGround plan for your website or blog.

Don’t worry! In this review, I will be walking you through the SiteGround pricing details and their web hosting plan basics. We will also compare each of SiteGround’s web hosting plan thoroughly with one another to make sure you get the best plan for your site.

👉 How Much Does SiteGround Cost?

SiteGround is much more than a traditional web hosting company with their web hosting plans starting from $3.95 monthly. Moreover, they offer a wide variety of hosting plans and packages that are specially optimized and crafted for WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal, or Joomla.

Here is a summarized review and comparison of SiteGround’s Pricing model. We have covered almost every web hosting plan offered by SiteGround along with the corresponding hosting costs.

👉 SiteGround Shared Hosting Price [StartUp, GrowBig & GoGeek]

SiteGround has 3 shared hosting plans which are the cheapest and most basic hosting solutions your website can get. Their plans range from $3.95 to $11.95/month which is a discounted rate applicable to your first term and later on regular prices apply. This means that to benefit from SiteGround’s pricing model, you can commit to their one, two, or three-year payment terms for availing maximum savings.

When it comes to shared hosting service, SiteGround’s pricing model includes 3 different packages with different subscription payment terms.

SiteGround StartUp = Offer Price $3.95/month
(Regularly Priced at $11.95/month)
SiteGround GrowBig = Offer Price $5.95/month
(Regularly Priced at $19.95/month)
SiteGround GoGeek = Offer Price $11.95/month
(Regularly priced at $34.95/month)

The price of SiteGround’s shared hosting packages may vary slightly based on the duration of your web hosting subscription because after your initial term, regular rates will get applied to the above mentioned SiteGround plans. Hence, SiteGround’s shared hosting service subscription price increases upon renewal to $11.95/month for StartUp, $19.95/month for GrowBig, and $34.95/month for GoGeek plan. Whereas, the regular pricing of SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting server remains the same upon renewal and you will also be able to go with the monthly subscription option with these services.

👉 SiteGround Pricing & Renewal Cost Details

SiteGround Shared Hosting Pricing Comparison (2020)
StartUp vs GrowBig vs GoGeek
SiteGround Plans PricingStartUpGrowBigGoGeek
Initial Discounted Pricing
(For 12 Months Contract)
(12 x $3.95)
(12 x $5.95)
(12 x $11.95)
Initial Discounted Pricing
(For 24 Months Contract)
(24 x $3.95)
(24 x $5.95)
(24 x $11.95)
Initial Discounted Pricing
(For 36 Months Contract)
(36 x $3.95)
(36 x $5.95)
(36 x $11.95)
1-Month Trial Price
(First-time Contract)
(+ $14.95 one-time setup fee)
(+ $24.95 one-time setup fee)
(+ $24.95 one-time setup fee)
Monthly Renewal Pricing$11.95$19.95$34.95
Monthly Pricing Discount
(For 12, 24 or 36 months plan)
Yearly Domain Registration Price$15.95$15.95$15.95
Refund Policy30 Day SiteGround Price Back Guarantee

👉 SiteGround Cloud Hosting Price

Scalability and performance are the essential merits of SiteGround’s cloud hosting account as you are able to add additional resources and improve the capabilities and configuration of your server for additional price (if needed).

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Price With Auto Scale Server Resource Option

SiteGround offers 4 basic cloud server hosting packages with price ranging from $80 to $240/month and also provides you with the ability to create your very own custom cloud hosting package with top-notch custom made specifications and configurations that could even cost you up to a whopping $2,100/month. However, in most of the cases SiteGround’s basic Cloud hosting plans will be more than sufficient for any large sized growing website.

👉 SiteGround Dedicated Server Hosting Price

A few large sites may require individual server hosting solution which is when SiteGround’s dedicated server hosting is the plan to choose. With price starting from $269/month, SiteGround dedicated server hosting service can handle loads of traffic with ease providing you a high-performing web hosting solution for your extremely popular website.

👉 SiteGround WordPress Pricing (Managed Hosting)

SiteGround offers hosting plans engineered and tailor-made for your WordPress projects. The prices for SiteGround’s WordPress hosting plans (StartUp, GrowBig & GoGeek) are the same as that of their shared hosting prices. Apart from the basic shared server features, they will have a number of WordPress focused features with your sites hosted on SiteGround’s WordPress CMS platform being specially optimized for better for speed and super-fast WordPress related support.

👉 SiteGround eCommerce Pricing

SiteGround also offers hosting plans engineered to suit your eCommerce projects with the prices being the same as that of their shared hosting prices. However, SiteGround’s GoGeek plan is the best for eCommerce related websites as it includes additional eCommerce rich features with PCI Compliant servers.

👉 SiteGround Reseller Hosting Price

SiteGround’s Reseller hosting service works in a different way to their other types of hosting plans where you need to purchase credits that is more or less equivalent to a year’s worth of their shared hosting plan. These credits can also be resold to other clients for a monthly fee where you act as a middleman between SiteGround (web hosting provider) and the Customer who pays you to use the hosting service.

SiteGround provides 3 different pricing tiers for their reseller hosting plans based on the number of credits you purchase. About 1 to 4 reseller credits will cost you as much as $49 each, 5 to 10 costs $45, and 11+ costs you $42 each. To get started, you have to purchase at least 5 reseller credits with SiteGround hosting which you can even resell to anybody, anytime!

👉 SiteGround Enterprise Hosting Price

SiteGround’s Enterprise hosting service is designed by you where you can decide how your site needs to be hosted and what server resources you require with SiteGround managing everything for you. Because of your custom requirements, there is no set price for SiteGround’s Enterprise plans.

👉 Does SiteGround Offer a Monthly Plan?

SiteGround Hosting Monthly Plan Price + One-Time Setup Fee

Unfortunately, SiteGround doesn’t offer month-to-month billing option for their Shared/WordPress hosting services but monthly billings is available on Cloud and Dedicated hosting servers.

Domain Privacy, SSL Certificate, SG Site Scanner, Dedicated IP, Domain Transfer, CDN etc
SiteGround Add-on Services Pricing

SiteGround addon services refer to the optional enhancement features for your current web hosting account. They can be added anytime – either while signing up with SiteGround or later (if needed). Here is a quick pricing detail of popular add-on services offered by SiteGround in addition to their web hosting plans.

SiteGround Web Hosting Add-on Services Price List
SiteGround Addon ServicesSiteGround Pricing
Domain Privacy Protection$1.00 per month ($12.00 per year)
SG Site Scanner$1.65 per month ($19.80 per year)
Lets Encrypt Wildcard SSL Certificate$0.00 per year (Free)
OPTIONAL: Premium SSL Certificate by SiteGround might cost you around $90.00 per year and more
Drag & Drop Website Builder$0.00 per year (Free)
OPTIONAL: The Pro Version of SiteGround Website Builder might cost you around $7.42 per year and more
Dedicated IP$4.50 per month
You can order as much as 10 Dedicated IP’s for SiteGround’s Cloud hosting plan
SiteGround Private DNS$99.00 per year
Cloudflare CDN$0.00 per year (Free)
OPTIONAL: SiteGround’s Cloudflare Plus plan might cost you around $11.95 per month which is still less than Clouflare’s Pro account costing $20 per month
Domain Transfer$15.95 (One Time Fee)
OPTIONAL: You can quickly transfer your domain name from other web hosting providers to SiteGround so that you can manage your domain and web hosting from one place. You will be charged a One Time Fee of $15.95
Website Migration$0.00 (Free)
OPTIONAL: You can migrate your website for free with all SiteGround hosting plans except SiteGround’s StartUp plan which does not include the free site transfer feature. However, you can still use SiteGround’s free site migrator plugin and their paid site transfer service costs $30.

👉 Are SiteGround Web Hosting Plans Priced Reasonably?

Almost every web hosting provider advertises lower monthly price (a smart marketing gimmick), but most of them don’t really bill you on a month to month basis. They normally show you a discounted offer price which is much lower than their actual price. Also, they would end up billing you annually or even for multiple years at once in some cases. To be honest, I too find this practice quite annoying! But then this kind of upfront pricing strategy is very common in the hosting industry that it’s not even worth fighting for.

I pinpointed this pricing structure of SiteGround or any other host for that matter only because my pricing review of SiteGround would have been incomplete and biased if I wouldn’t have mentioned about this to you. Interestingly, this kind of pricing model of SiteGround and other web hosts is quite helpful too as it reduces your hassle of paying the bill on a monthly basis (Not paying your bill within the due date leads to service termination).

SiteGround StartUp Plan Costs Only $47 Annually

If you are just planning to host a single site by starting out with SiteGround and you aren’t even sure about your site continuity, then you can get SiteGround’s StartUp plan (just like I did). With the beginner plan of SiteGround, you would be billed $47 annually. That’s still very cheap. Isn’t it?

👉 SiteGround Domain Pricing & Domain Privacy Protection Cost

Domain Name ExtensionYearly Registration Cost
.com Popular$15.95/year
(Renewal Price $15.95/year)
.net Popular$17.95/year
(Renewal Price $17.95/year)
.org Popular$17.95/year
(Renewal Price $17.95/year)
(Renewal Price $29.95/year)
(Renewal Price $17.95/year)
(Renewal Price $17.95/year)
(Renewal Price $14.95/year)
(Renewal Price $12.95/year)
(Renewal Price $25.95/year)
.us United States$17.95/year
(Renewal Price $17.95/year) United Kingdom$19.95/year
(Renewal Price $19.95/year)
.eu Europe$14.95/year
(Renewal Price $14.95/year)
.ca Canada$19.95/year
(Renewal Price $19.95/year) Australia$14.95/year
(Renewal Price $14.95/year) New Zealand$29.95/year
(Renewal Price $29.95/year)
.in India$14.95/year
(Renewal Price $14.95/year) South Africa$14.95/year
(Renewal Price $14.95/year)

Enabling SiteGround’s domain privacy protection where your data isn’t publicly available has an additional cost of only $1 each month.

👉 Why Is SiteGround So Expensive Or Is It Cheaper Than Other Web Hosts?

Some users think SiteGround is quite expensive and pricier than its competitors. But the fact is SiteGround isn’t a cheaply priced host offering cheap quality web hosting products. Their web hosting plans are priced competitively and you just cannot find a better managed web hosting provider at such a good price.

However, their renewal prices are slightly on the higher side and you would end up paying more than usual. This is why I highly recommend SiteGround customers to at least go for their 1-year subscription plan (2 to 3-year subscription plan being the best choice) to get maximum discounted price and massive savings beforehand.

👉 Is There Any Refund Policy With SiteGround Hosting Plans?

Sure, you get 30-day money-back guarantee to take SiteGround hosting trial and check if they are good or not. If you decide not to go ahead with SiteGround, you can always request an immediate cancelation within this 30 days time frame and you will get your money refunded back from SiteGround with no questions asked!

👉 Which SiteGround Plan Should You Choose Based On The Pricing?

This mainly depends on your budget, your business type, and your requirements so that you can choose the right SiteGround package that best suits your needs. Let me simplify things for you by categorizing SiteGround hosting service based on their pricing to let you know which plan is worth going for:

1. For beginners and starter websites? SiteGround’s StartUp or GrowBig shared hosting plan will be a great choice.

2. For Small Business websites? SiteGround’s StartUp, GrowBig or GoGeek plan (anything would do based on your budget).

3. For hosting multiple domains/websites? SiteGround’s GrowBig or GoGeek shared hosting plans are good.

4. For VPS like hosting service with advanced features within your Budget? SiteGround’s GoGeek shared hosting plan is reasonably priced and would be the one you should go for.

5. For WordPress Users? Just go with any of SiteGround’s WordPress hosting plan (StartUp, GrowBig or GoGeek).

6. For Web hosting Reseller Businesses, Web Developers and Agencies? SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting or Reseller hosting plan seems just right.

7. For a successfully running business or a website that is already popular? Choose SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting service.

8. For high-traffic generating website or huge profit-making businesses? SiteGround’s Dedicated hosting servers would be a great choice for you.

👉 Conclusion: Are SiteGround Hosting Plans Worth The Cost?

As per SiteGround hosting plan pricing and payment terms, it’s clear that they aren’t too expensive but fall under reasonably priced web hosting provider category which can easily suit all sorts of budgets and needs. Furthermore, SiteGround is one of the few reasonably priced hosts with excellent performance, insane speed, and 24×7 responsive customer support team.

Hence, SiteGround is good for following projects:
• Beginner Bloggers & Small Business Websites
• Web Designers, Web Developers, SEO Experts & Agencies
• Websites Hosted & Powered By WordPress/Drupal/Joomla/Magento
• Successful Blogs & High Traffic Websites
• Managed, Secure & Reasonably Priced Hosting Requirement
• Businesses Requiring a Professional Web Hosting Provider
• High-Performance, Speedy, Hiccup-Free SSD Hosting Needs
• Online Stores & eCommerce Sites With PCI Compliant Server Requirement
• Professionals With Reseller Hosting Needs

WRAPPING UP: The best part about SiteGround is that if your project/website grows like crazy, then they have a wide range of larger web hosting solutions to support it and keep it running without even you indulging in the unnecessary hassle of transfering your site/project elsewhere. You could use SiteGround’s Cloud hosting (starting price $80/month), dedicated hosting (starting price $269/month) or even their customized enterprise hosting solution (with a custom quote).

I hope you liked our review on SiteGround Pricing (2020). So, ready to get started with SiteGround?

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