SiteGround Dedicated Hosting Review 2021 (Get 63% OFF)

1. Rated #1 shared server host in multiple Facebook Polls and also is considered as the best Dedicated host
2. Much more reliable when compared to shared and cloud server hosting
3. Host any type of websites with a Dedicated hosting environment, Root Server Access, and free cPanel & WHM
4. Premium 24/7 Dedicated VIP Support with 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
5. Handles sites with heavy traffic spikes with optional Performance Booster add-on
6. Lightning-fast site load time with SiteGround’s superior server speed technology
7. Your Dedicated server hosting account includes a free Dedicated IP address and a free Private DNS
8. Custom firewall offered with SiteGround Dedicated Servers can help you in the enforcement of access control policy
9. Higher-level of flexibility and security when it comes to adding/changing software and server configurations
1. A lot of users might find SiteGround Dedicated hosting plans (priced at $229/month) quite expensive when compared to their Cloud Server plans
2. One-time fee of $99 is charged for setting up your SiteGround Dedicated Server
SiteGround Dedicated Server Hosting
Uptime & Reliability
SiteGround Dedicated Server Hosting
Speed & Performance
SiteGround Dedicated Server Hosting
Features & Load Balancing
SiteGround Dedicated Server Hosting
Security & Anti-Hack Protection
SiteGround Dedicated Server Hosting
Pricing & Value
SiteGround Dedicated Server Hosting
Customer Support
SiteGround’s entry-level Dedicated hosting plan used to cost you $229 per month which looks expensive but it’s worth the cost especially for the rich features, performance, service quality, lightning-fast speed, and VIP technical support you get. If you are looking for a quality managed Dedicated hosting provider for your website, then you can give SiteGround’s Cloud hosting service a try without any hesitation as SiteGround has canceled their Dedicated hosting plans some time back. Moreover, their cloud plans are budget-friendly as they will only cost you $100 monthly and can fit your needs quite comfortably.

Looking for a dedicated server hosting like solution that offers you the platform with server resources to build a high-availability and heavy traffic load handling website?

NOTE: SiteGround has discontinued their expensive yet powerful Dedicated Hosting Solution and has replaced it with their cheaper yet highly scalable Cloud Hosting Service and with their custom-made Enterprise Server Hosting solution.



Then I must tell you that you are at the right place as we will be reviewing SiteGround’s dedicated server hosting plans to let you know whether it is worth hosting your website on their dedicated servers or not?

A dedicated server hosting service should mainly focus on providing your site an ironclad foundation that can withstand high traffic volume and spikes in order to give you complete control over its activities.

SiteGround is a popular independently run dedicated hosting provider involved in 24/7 monitoring your machine and reacts instantly (in case there is any issue faced). Their dedicated hosting plans are fully managed and thus it means that SiteGround will always keep their software up-to-date.

There are so many types of hosting options available that it becomes quite confusing and difficult to choose the right solution for your business. So, let’s get into the details of Dedicated Hosting services offered by SiteGround.

What is SiteGround’s Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting service by SiteGround (also popularly known as a dedicated server or managed server hosting service) is a type of hosting option where a company will be able to lease an entire server (usually housed within a data center). The web host not just provides the server hosting tools but can also offer administration and other advanced services.

Unlike the shared server hosting arrangements, the Dedicated server hosting service is a very flexible form of server arrangement as it provides the client/organization total control over the server, software & security systems. This is why dedicated server hosting is quite expensive as it’s featured packed and superior hosting type.

Why choose Siteground Dedicated hosting over shared server hosting?

SiteGround Dedicated hosting benefits over shared hosting servers

There are too many dedicated hosting providers in the market right now, but not all of them offer such rich server functionalities at an affordable price. If you are thinking of buying a new dedicated hosting plan or changing the type of your hosting from the basic shared server or cheap cloud server to a dedicated server, SiteGround’s dedicated server hosting is a great choice! You can also click here to check out SiteGround’s Cloud Server hosting plans.

1. Fully Managed Premium Server Hosting

SiteGround will help you in setting up your own dedicated server where you will be able to host your site on a top-notch dedicated machine which is both managed and set up by their expert team. With SiteGround’s Dedicated server hosting, you will be provided with a lot of innovative proprietary software to boost your server performance and give you more server-level functionality than anyone else.

2. Dedicated Servers Across 3 Continents

SiteGround has launched server locations outside the USA by adding a number of servers in Europe and finally in the Asia-Pacific region. Not just the SiteGround shared server hosting customers but also their semi-dedicated, cloud users and dedicated hosting service can now buy a server in any of these locations.

3. Proprietary Performance Booster

You can enhance SiteGround’s dedicated server just by adding a performance booster that has a special server setup. This acts as an optional powerful and cost-effective software in achieving higher performance (otherwise mostly only on expensive hardware).

4. Geeky Software With No Additional Cost

Each dedicated server account can include unique SiteGround developed tools free of charge such as we have developed Joomla & WordPress Autoupdates, Joomla & WordPress server staging environment, Cloudflare CDN, SSH & WP-CLI, Git Integrated and much more. The only condition for the free offer is that once a user receives such proprietary software, their root access shall be revoked.

5. 24/7 VIP Support

SiteGround always offers its customers blazing fast VIP support with their dedicated hosting plans by well-trained experts. With no hold time on chat or phone for their dedicated hosting customers and less than 10 minutes of response time on tickets, you cannot ask for anything more. Can you?

Click Here To Contact SiteGround Customer Care

Siteground Dedicated Hosting Pricing, Plans & Features

With 3 types of dedicated server hosting plans, SiteGround makes it easy for you to buy a dedicated server according to your business needs and budget. Here are some of the major features and specifications of all SiteGround dedicated hosting plans:

1. Entry Server Plan (Priced at $229.00/mo.)

» 960 GB SSD Disk Space
» 5 TB Bandwidth
» Intel Xeon E3-1230 CPU
» 3.20 GHz CPU Clock Speed
» 4 CPU Cores
» 8 CPU Threads
» 8 MB CPU Cache

2. Power Server Plan (Priced at $329.00/mo.)

» 960 GB SSD Disk Space
» 5 TB Bandwidth
» 16 GB DDR3 RAM
» Intel Xeon E3-1270 CPU
» 3.50 GHz CPU Clock Speed
» 4 CPU Cores
» 8 CPU Threads
» 8 MB CPU Cache

3. Super Power Server Plan (Priced at $429.00/mo.)

» 2 x 960 GB SSD Disk Space in RAID 1
» 5 TB Bandwidth
» 16 GB DDR3 RAM
» 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620 CPU
» 2.00 GHz CPU Clock Speed
» 2 x 6 CPU Cores
» 2 x 12 CPU Threads
» 15 MB CPU Cache

NOTE: SiteGround prices may vary slightly depending on the dedicated server location that you choose. Also, SiteGround charges $99 as a one time fee for setting up your SiteGround dedicated server hosting account. However, Private DNS is included free with all their Dedicated server accounts.

Siteground Dedicated Hosting Discount (Coupons & Promo Codes)

Unfortunately, SiteGround does not offer any coupon codes with their Dedicated hosting plans. But you can get a small discount if you buy more than one month of their dedicated hosting subscription upfront. Unlike their Dedicated server (now discontinued) and Cloud server hosting plans, you will receive a big discount on SiteGround’s Shared server hosting plans.

SiteGround Cloud vs Dedicated Server: Should I choose SiteGround Dedicated hosting or Cloud hosting plan?

SiteGround Cloud Server Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting (Review & Comparison 2021)

SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting are quite different hosting solutions when it comes to the server setup and management. SiteGround’s dedicated server hosting gives you much more freedom and thus you will be able to order it with the root access to your SiteGround hosting accounts and WHM. cPanel’s WHM which is included with SiteGround’s dedicated server plan can help you create, remove or manage your hosting accounts yourself and that too on the server level.

Their dedicated server hosting plan also allows you to make any global modifications to your hosting server configuration. Moreover, SiteGround’s dedicated server hosting is much more powerful than their Cloud hosting and also offers ample server resources for hosting your website.

If the server resource of your website cannot be met by SiteGround’s shared server and you don’t even have enough funds to purchase their dedicated server hosting plan, then their Cloud hosting plans can also be a very reasonable solution. SiteGround’s shared server hosting plans are great for beginners or sites with limited traffic. But for high traffic sites, more server resources are needed and thus based on your budget it makes sense to either go with SiteGround’s cloud hosting or dedicated server hosting plans. So, ultimately you need to take a call between the two (Cloud or Dedicated Server) by considering your budget as a crucial deciding factor.

So, that’s all about SiteGround Dedicated Hosting Review (2021) which is now discontinued which is why you can go with their Cloud Hosting Service as it’s equally powerful and scalable to match the growing needs of your business. And if you have any doubts or Dedicated/Cloud/Enterprise server related queries, you can contact SiteGround 24/7 VIP support team.


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