SiteGround Data Centers & Server Locations (2021): How To Choose The Right One For Your Website? Which Is The Best & The Fastest?

SiteGround Data Center Server Location Facility at Singapore (Asia)

Your website speed, performance, and stability mainly depends on the location of your web hosting company server as well as the characteristics of your hosting data center. This is why SiteGround closely works only with those facilities that are best in the world and thus they proudly chose the most powerful servers and the latest next-generation hardware to build the foundation of their par excellent hosting infrastructure. This is exactly why they have migrated their web hosting infrastructure to Google Cloud to offer you their extremely powerful processors.

Choose the closest SiteGround Data Center to get the best loading times by selecting the hosting server location close to your website/blog visitors. You will be able to host your Shared or Cloud Server accounts with SiteGround in the US (North America), Europe, or Asia-Pacific Region Data Centers.

Where Are The Siteground Servers Located Around The World?

At present, SiteGround has 6 data center locations around the globe where you have an option to choose the best server location for hosting your blog/website with SiteGround. Here is the list of SiteGround data centers (server locations) you can choose for your site:

1. Council Bluffs, Iowa (USA)

The best SiteGround Data Center located in the US which you can choose – best suited for targeting visitors from North America (especially the US and Canada), South America & the African Region.

2. London (UK)

The best SiteGround Data Center located in London that you can choose as it’s the ideal server for targeting visitors from the European Region (especially the UK and neighboring countries), and the Russian Federation.

3. Eemshaven (Netherlands)

Second European Data Center of SiteGround hosting located in the Netherlands (close to Amsterdam) that you can choose in targeting visitors from Europe, Russia, and also the African countries.

4. Frankfurt (Germany)

Recently, SiteGround had added a third European Data Center which is located at Frankfurt, Germany. You can choose this SiteGround server to target the German population and other parts of Europe (especially the neighboring countries of Germany), the African Continent, and the Middle Eastern Region.

5. Singapore City (Singapore)

The only Asian SiteGround Data Center located in Singapore that you can choose as it’s perfect for targeting the entire Asian Continent (Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philipines, Japan, China, etc), the Middle East Region (Gulf Countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc), and the South-Pacific Region.

6. Sydney (Australia)

Finally, SiteGround started offering an Australian Data Center (a much-awaited one) to serve its Australian and New Zealand customers for blazing faster page load time in the Australian Continent. This new Data Center from SiteGround web hosting which is located in Sydney, Australia is an ideal server you can select to strategically target your Australian or New Zealand local visitors with the least possible latency.

SiteGround has taken extra care while choosing data centers for their web hosting plans as they selected the most reliable ones with the fastest performing servers (after a rigorous and careful investigation). Continuous monitoring (24/7), timely upgrading, immediate fixing of errors, routine maintenance, and robust securing of these top-notch SiteGround servers (located at 6 different data center locations) are performed by the highly skilled professional team of SiteGround system administrators.

Why SiteGround Data Centers Are The Best?

Here are the 3 key aspects strictly followed by SiteGround’s professional team to ensure that their data centers are not just on par with the best hosting servers but also exceed your expectations:

1. Highly Available 24/7/365 Days Network

SiteGround’s partner facilities rely specifically on the network connectivity to other major carriers for the highest possible availability, speed, and performance. This ensures that SiteGround hosting networks remain highly reliable, efficient, and available all the time which in turn improves the overall performance and speed of their server facility.

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2. Multi-Layered Physical Server Security & Surveillance

All the facilities of SiteGround are always protected with several layers of high-tech security in order to prevent any unauthorized access to their servers. With SiteGround server rooms having very limited access (especially to their certified employees) along with 24/7/365 Days security teams in place to respond to any circumstances, your website data is safer than ever. SiteGround team no doubt is a master in administering and monitoring their server facility which is why their internet communication to Google’s Cloud hosting infrastructure is well encrypted in transit. Furthermore, any access to such sensitive data located on SiteGround servers is protected by robust tools like Security Keys that are phishing-resistant.

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3. Redundant & Super Reliable Electrical Systems

Proprietary power generators, multiple power feeds, and very powerful enterprise-class UPS technologies are specially used by SiteGround to prevent their data centers from facing any electricity outages. This ensures that SiteGround servers are able to run smoothly and efficiently with zero or minimum power outage so that your website can be up and running (all the time) with close to 100% uptime on a consistent basis.

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4. Multiple CDN Networks with over 194 Worldwide Locations

SiteGround customers can have the content of your blog or website cached free of cost using Cloudflare’s fast CDN network that covers over 90 countries and about 194 global cities. With such a large network of Cloudflare partnered with SiteGround, you can expect better speed and load times by strategically making use of the nearest possible CDN location to each of your website visitors. This not only enhances the security and reliability of your website but also ensures effective monitoring of all websites and taking instant mass action (thereby protecting all SiteGround CDN users when any issue arises).

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5. Green Server Hosting & Infrastructure

While all the data centers offered by SiteGround are eco-friendly, the ones specifically operated by Google Cloud hosting are 100% green servers completely making use of renewable energy sources. Google is very seriously committed and highly focussed on achieving carbon neutrality and has consistently been a pioneer in energy-efficient technologies that leads to waste diversion. They have made major progress in reducing the emission caused by servers and thus offer its clients with the highest level of efficiency when it comes to data servers and storage.

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Can I Change My SiteGround Data Center? How To Change Your SiteGround Server Location?

YES! As a SiteGround customer, you will be able to change your current SiteGround data center/server location to a new one (if needed). You can change your SiteGround Data Center by simply going to your User Area » Services » More icon (located just next to the UPGRADE button) » Relocate option from the when the drop-down menu.

You will now get redirected to a new page where you are able to choose a new data center location so that you can migrate from your current location to the new one. All you need to do is click the SELECT button (just below the SiteGround data center you wish to move to). Once you click on the button you are asked to pay for the relocation process ($30 one-time fee). You can also Contact the SiteGround Technical Support to carry out the data center transfer process for you.

FOR EXAMPLE: If your current SiteGround Data Center is located in the US and you want to change it so that you can get SiteGround’s Singapore Data Center. Such changes to server locations can be done at any time period (if you want to).

How to choose the best SiteGround Data Center that works just right for your Website or Blog?

To conclude, you need to choose the SiteGround data center/server location as per the closest geographical distance of your website’s target audience. This will not just help you in optimizing your site’s page speed but the content of your website shall also load much faster for your visitors.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you decide to target the Indian Visitors with your site, then you need to choose the SiteGround Singapore Data Center as it is the nearest server location when compared to the rest (other 5 SiteGround data centers). Moreover, you can even configure CDN services (Get FREE CDN with SiteGround) to improve your site load times in any country (in this case it’s India).

I hope this review on SiteGround Server Locations & Data Centers (2021) has helped you in choosing the best SiteGround server location for your website.

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