Get $60 Discount Without Kinsta Coupon Code (2021): How To Claim This Kinsta WordPress Hosting Deal?

Kinsta is a fantastic premium managed WordPress hosting company which is also a renowned Google Cloud-based web host that offers a handful of WordPress rich features and amazing quality support to its customers. Kinsta users can choose WordPress hosting plans as per their budget and requirements. Read on to find out more about Kinsta hosting and their latest offers…

Get 2 Months FREE Hosting with Yearly Kinsta Plans

*Includes 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Sale From Kinsta!

How & Where To Get Kinsta Coupon Codes To Get Big Discount On Kinsta’s WordPress Hosting Plans Without Any Special Sale?

You must be here to know how you can get massive discounts using Kinsta coupon codes so that you can save big on their web hosting plans. But, I regret to inform you that Kinsta never really provides any such coupon codes or special promotional discount offers to their users. However, that doesn’t mean that you just can’t save money while signing up with Kinsta.

The GOOD NEWS is – You can still Get 2 Months of FREE Web Hosting with Kinsta for your WordPress sites! Sounds Great! Isn’t it?

If you go for a yearly WordPress hosting subscription plan with Kinsta instead of signing up for a monthly web hosting plan, you can actually expect to get a big discount on each of Kinsta’s WordPress hosting plan.

FOR EXAMPLE: Kinsta’s Starter WordPress hosting plan allows you to save up to $60 if you order a one-year subscription with them to host your website/domain name. Similarly, the annual subscription for Kinsta’s Pro WordPress hosting plan can make you save even more up to $120 and so on. Lastly, you can save up as much as $1,800 with the Enterprise WordPress hosting plan of Kinsta if you go with their annual subscription plan (paid upfront).

Price Discount & Free Hosting with Kinsta Plans

Here are the quick discount links to Kinsta hosting plans so that you can check their features and compare each WordPress plan in detail…

1. Get Kinsta STARTER Plan Offer Priced at $30/mo. 2 Months FREE Hosting

2. Get Kinsta PRO Plan Offer Priced at $60/mo. 2 Months FREE Hosting

3. Get Kinsta BUSINESS Plan Offer Priced from $100/mo. 2 Months FREE Hosting

4. Get Kinsta ENTERPRISE Plan Offer Priced from $600/mo. 2 Months FREE Hosting

Why Kinsta doesn’t offer any Discounted Coupons or Promo Codes?

Kinsta Coupons, Promo Codes, Price Discounts, Special Offers & Deals (2021)

Here are some of the main reasons why Kinsta prohibits the use of any such coupon codes or special promo codes to their customers:

1. Kinsta’s motto is to offer quality web hosting services without any false or hidden claims. Kinsta wishes to charge merely for the quality of services provided to the customers and thus it doesn’t believe in discount coupons/promo codes like many of its competitors. Therefore, Kinsta strictly believes in service quality rather than a marketing ploy.
2. Kinsta believes that the coupon system may cause spamming in search engine results which becomes hectic to control and this could also lead to immediate quality measures to fix it. Also, the discount coupons/promo codes of Kinsta hosting may or may not be always accurate due to lack of updating which might lead to frustration among customers. Unlike several other web hosts, Kinsta takes its branding and reputation very seriously which is why thousands of website owners and beginners are hosting their sites on Kinsta servers.
3. Kinsta might be one of the expensive WordPress hosts but their web hosting charges are justified for their service quality, amazing support, and fully managed hosting environment. Their plans are still always in the budget and are appropriate for all business scales. For example, Kinsta offers Starter plan which starts at just $30 per month approximately which is much cheaper than managed WordPress hosts like WP Engine and on par with several other premium WordPress hosting providers. However, with an annual subscription plan of Kinsta, you can easily save up to a minimum of $60 or two months of free Kinsta web hosting on any of their plans.
4. Some of the websites that promote Kinsta might represent false discount offers or non-existing promos/coupon codes just to attract visitors for their own gain. This could spoil the spirit of Kinsta and also frustrate its customers. Also, Kinsta doesn’t allow any coupon-based sites to spread such wrong or misleading information under any circumstances.

*Includes 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Sale From Kinsta!

Conclusion: Is Kinsta Hosting Worth It? Should I Go With Their WordPress Hosting Deals & Offers?

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, Kinsta is one among the best premium managed WordPress hosts offering 2 months of free hosting, making it worth signing up with Kinsta!

I hope this review on How To Get Maximum Discount On Kinsta WordPress Hosting Without Using Coupons (2021) must have surely helped you and by now you must have also come to a conclusion that a Premium WordPress Host like Kinsta does not offer any special promotional codes, coupons or holiday sales. However, users can still benefit from purchasing the annual hosting plans of Kinsta to get an exclusive deal which gives you up to 2 months of free hosting on any of their web hosting plans.

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