Is SiteGround Good For WordPress hosting? [Web Hosting Review]

Is SiteGround a good web host for WordPress? [Web Hosting Review]

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, SiteGround is the very best WordPress host and has been mostly the first choice of a number of users for hosting their WordPress sites.

I have been with multiple web hosts (Godaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, iPage and so on) before I finally switched to this amazing WordPress hosting company called SiteGround (better than most of the web hosts) and also the transition was pretty flawless. I decided to go with SiteGround’s GrowBig WordPress hosting package due to the issues I was facing with other web hosts.

SiteGround helped me in migrating my WordPress website to their web hosting server for free and thus my website currently runs much smoother and faster with hardly any web hosting related errors. Surprisingly, it’s been a long time now that I haven’t contacted their customer support team (only once before signing up with SiteGround with sales-related queries) because they are that good. SiteGround’s amazing support and performance for WordPress hosting is exactly what I had wished for.

Why is SiteGround a good choice for WordPress websites and has been considered better than other web hosting companies?

This is mainly because SiteGround’s super skilled technical team have engineered their web hosting plans to improve speed and performance and provide exceptional uptime (specifically designed and tailor-made for WordPress hosting). SiteGround’s custom proprietary SuperCacher and their built-in Cloudflare CDN feature makes your website load blazing fast. The auto-update feature of SiteGround keeps all your plugins up-to-date and their auto WordPress website back up makes it safe and secure. Moreover, they are very active in several WordPress communities as well as WordCamps making them very much a WordPress friendly web host.

Now let’s get down to the more important aspects and details of their web hosting plans which makes them the first choice for WordPress hosting (even in your case)…

1. Ranked Number #1 WordPress host consistently

2. Respected & Applauded by the WordPress Community Worldwide

SiteGround is not just popular across the WordPress community but also highly respected mainly for their speed and fast and helpful support. All other web hosts have their own good & bad reviews and customer experiences on social media websites. However, the majority of feedback and reviews when it comes to a web host like SiteGround across Twitter & Facebook is highly positive!

Here’s a feedback on Facebook!

Few more good reviews…

3. officially recommended WordPress web host

4. Superior level of Security

SiteGround will protect your website via their daily backups, server monitoring, and auto-updates feature. Also, they timely release their own patches whenever there is any widespread security-related vulnerability noticed with the WordPress platform or even if it’s just an issue caused due to a specific WordPress plugin. SiteGround as a web host is both proactive and reactive at the same time which is really good as WordPress websites are usually popular targets to such malicious attacks.

5. Uptime as good as this

Expect 100% Uptime almost every time!

Is SiteGround a good web hosting company for uptime

6. Crafted For Speed and Performance

With frequent updates, SiteGround usually tries to up their game by improving the speed of your WordPress website (making them load much much faster). SiteGround’s shared hosting (starting at $3.95/mon.) is good whereas their semi-dedicated hosting (starting at $14.95/mo.), as well as the cloud hosting ($80/mo.), are even faster (provided you got the budget). It’s mainly the web hosting plan you choose with SiteGround that determines the speed of your website. However, their every hosting plan comes with high-quality hardware and software, CDN service, and SuperCacher.

7. Best Support In The Industry

SiteGround is a people-focused web host with a friendly and helpful support team always available to ensure that your issues are resolved and they won’t even make you wait for long or give you weird excuses (unlike most of the other web hosting companies who tell you that it’s not a web hosting-related error). like other hosting companies.SiteGround’s support is so good that each time I wanted to reach them, someone from their support team has always responded within a minute (whether it might be through chat, email/ticket, or telephone).

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plans For Your Website

Whether you are on a small budget (Shared hosting for WordPress from $3.95/mo.) or got the budget for to host a huge WordPress website (Dedicated server hosting for WordPress from $229/mo.), SiteGround has a good tailor-made WordPress plan for everyone. With almost any WordPress plan of SiteGround, you should be good to go (with your WordPress website mostly loading in less than 1 second).

How To Choose The Best SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plan?

Choosing a good WordPress hosting plan (for your website or blog) depends on your needs and budget.

1. Shared hosting for WordPress (Starts from $3.95/mo.) includes StartUp, GrowBig & GoGeek packages

2. WooCommerce hosting for WordPress (Starts from $3.95/mo.) includes StartUp, GrowBig & GoGeek packages

3. Semi-dedicated hosting/VPS hosting for WordPress (Starts from $11.95/mo.) refers to GoGeek package

4. Cloud hosting for WordPress (Starts from $80/mo.)

5. Dedicated Servers for WordPress (Starts from $229/mo.)

Conclusion: Is SiteGround a good web host for your WordPress website?

Right from the quality of web hosting to their technical WordPress friendly support, SiteGround is not just good but a clear winner! I might have praised SiteGround quite a lot in this WordPress hosting review, but they deserve all the praise because they are just too good and in my opinion, the best web host. As a reviewer and blogger, I have been through a lot of web hosts (as mentioned earlier) and I am very glad that I was able to find a good WordPress hosting company like SiteGround with whom I can stick with and keep going (with my WordPress website performing smoothly and super fast).

I hope this review on whether SiteGround is a good web hosting provider for WordPress was helpful to you! If you have any questions about SiteGround’s WordPress hosting, feel free to reach their super fast WordPress friendly support team who would be glad to help you (24/7/365 Days).


Is SiteGround good for Ecommerce Hosting?

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, you should get a web hosting company which has good uptime, has friendly support, fast, and secure. There will be a lot of web hosts claiming that they offer all of these but it’s false claims most of the time. Hence, we can recommend SiteGround’s Ecommerce hosting platform with any doubt!

Is SiteGround good for Forum Hosting?

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, you don’t need to worry about your forum website security and uptime as Siteground has it all covered.

Is SiteGround good for Domain Name Hosting?

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, you can’t go wrong with registering your domain with a web host like SiteGround as it the most trustworthy domain registrar as well.

Is SiteGround a good web host for Beginners and Students?

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, SiteGround is an ideal web hosting service for Students as they provide additional discount and offers. Also, their user-friendly tutorials and user interface design makes them a better host for beginners too.

Is SiteGround a good web host for Bloggers and Small Business Websites?

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, the ease of use makes SiteGround great web hosting provider for both bloggers and small business owners.

Is SiteGround a good web host for European websites?

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, SiteGround is the best web hosting company for European websites targeting visitors from the European region as they have a couple of servers located in Europe which you can choose from.

Is SiteGround a good web host for UK websites?

SHORT ANSWER: Yes! As mentioned earlier, SiteGround is good for the UK and Europe. In fact, they have a server located in London which turns out to be the closest to choose from.

Is SiteGround a good web host for Indian websites?

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, SiteGround is a good web host for India with Singapore server being the best and the closest server location.

Is SiteGround a good web host for Australian websites?

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, SiteGround has a server in Singapore which is closest to Australia that you can select for your Australian website.

Is SiteGround a good web host for Canadian websites?

SHORT ANSWER: Yes, SiteGround has a server located in the USA which is very close to Canada. Thus, selecting this data center would be a good option for your Canadian website.

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