Is Bluehost SiteLock Security Essential Worth It? Do I Need This Security Package Extra Service? Is It Necessary To Buy It? (Review 2021)

Pros of Bluehost SiteLock Security Essential
1. Daily Malware Scans with Automatic Malware Removal Systems
2. Provides PCI Compliance feature to your Servers
3. Enhances your Website Acceleration
4. Offers Protection against the DDoS Attacks
5. Your Website gets the much-needed Web Application Firewall (WAF)
6. Builds trust between your Clients and your Website
7. Prevents your Website from getting Blacklisted on Search Engines
Cons of Bluehost SiteLock Security Essential
1. Not a FREE Service as it includes a Monthly or an Annual Fee
2. Deceptive Billing and may involve False Claims
3. Some of the Bluehost Customers given Negative Feedback about their SiteLock Security Service.

Bluehost is a highly reputable web hosting provider and so is SiteLock which is a renowned website security provider. If you are placing your hosting order with Bluehost now, Is It Necessary To Purchase Bluehost’s SiteLock Security – Essential Add-on Service is a commonly asked question that would strike your mind!

Some hosts do get hacked more frequently than others and the worst part is a lot of webmasters don’t even get to know about this matter until they get a message from Google or someone pointing it out to them. So, what’s this SiteLock Security – Essential service all about, and how could it help my site? In this Bluehost SiteLock Security Essential Review (2021), we’ll answer it all in detail…

What is Bluehost SiteLock Security – Essential add-on?

SiteLock Security – Essential service offered by Bluehost for an additional cost is a Package Extra add-on while placing your hosting order to protect your site from malicious attacks and malware and then re-upload the cleaned files. Bluehost’s SiteLock Security Essential offers services that monitor your website with an approach that is effective enough in finding, fixing, and preventing malicious attacks. Moreover, it guards your website against landing into Search Engine Blacklists and also evading from costly Downtime issues.

Does Bluehost’s SiteLock Security Essential Work & How?

Yes, SiteLock does work fine! In fact, over 5 million websites have already installed the SiteLock Security service and I too suggest you to get a service similar to this which is why I do encourage you to keep reading about Bluehost’s SiteLock Security Essential add-on because I will be showing you why this service isn’t really required, though!

Bluehost SiteLock Security Essential Malware Removal

The malware of your site at Bluehost is scanned once a day automatically by SiteLock Security service just like an anti-virus solution for your web server and they call process as SiteLock911 Scans. What this does is all your server files get scanned to see if there exists any malware injected into them and if any of the files are corrupted, then Bluehost’s SiteLock Security Essential solution will download them and re-upload your data. This looks like a simple task that involves safeguarding your website data, but as you will see the process isn’t that black and white!

How to order SiteLock Security Essential Package Extra add-on from Bluehost for your website?

New Bluehost customers receive Massive Discounts of up to 80% OFF on the usual retail price of SiteLock Security Products & Services. You can either order SiteLock Security directly while Signing Up with Bluehost or even order it later on just by logging into your Bluehost Control Panel…

METHOD 1: Order SiteLock Security add-on while signing up with Bluehost Web Hosting

SiteLock Security Essential plan can be ordered from Bluehost directly while you sign up for their web hosting account at a Special Offer Price of $35.88 per year per domain.

METHOD 2: Order SiteLock Security add-on via your Bluehost cPanel/Existing Hosting Account

Already have an account with Bluehost? Just Login to your cPanel and then click on the SiteLock icon (located in the Upgrades section) in order to buy this security add-on separately. If you are buying the SiteLock security plan for the first time since sign up, you can select the Domain you wish to protect with SiteLock and then click Add to Cart. For those customers who have already purchased the SiteLock Security add-on can click on Protect This Domain that is located next to any additional Bluehost Domains they wish to protect.

Bluehost SiteLock Security vs SSL Certificates

Both Bluehost SiteLock Security and SSL Certificates are quintessential to your website in terms of security measures as they help in protecting the customer’s credentials and valuable data who visits your site. They might be 2 completely different things in terms of functionalities and working but both of them do help in enhancing your website security.

Bluehost SiteLock Security: This refers to a web security tool offered by Bluehost in partnership with SiteLock to periodically scan your site for not just detecting any malware and vulnerabilities but also fixing those issues for you when they arrive.
FREE Bluehost SSL Certificate: A special protocol to keep the information that passes between your website and the customers safe. The SSL Certificate which is offered by Bluehost for FREE (Partnered by Let’s Encrypt SSL) will typically protect the shared information against spammers, hackers, and identity thieves.

Even though both these security solutions offered by Bluehost work different from one another they can still work together efficiently on any given website. Therefore, comparing Bluehost’s FREE SSL Certificates with their SiteLock Security Service wouldn’t really make sense but rather using both of them simultaneously would surely add an extra layer of security to your site (overall).

Bluehost SiteLock Pricing & Plans (2021): How much does this security add-on cost you?

Bluehost’s starter SiteLock Security Essential service can cost you $2.99 per month per domain or approximately $35.88 yearly per domain which otherwise regularly is priced at $99.95 per annum. There are currently 3 different plans offered by Bluehost for their SiteLock Security Essential add-on based on your budget and need:

1. Bluehost SiteLock Security Find

This very basic service from SiteLock in partnership with Bluehost is priced at $2.99 per domain monthly or $35.88 per domain per anum and renews at $3.99 per domain per month or $47.88 per domain per year.

2. Bluehost SiteLock Security Fix

This is a pricier and much more advanced plan to Bluehost’s SiteLock Security Find solution with a higher price tag of $19.99 per domain per month or billed annually at $239.88 per domain per year.

3. Bluehost SiteLock Security Prevent

This is indeed the most expensive plan offered by SiteLock partnering with Bluehost hosting which is much more superior when compared to SiteLock’s Security Find and Security Fix plans. This so-called complete security solution from SiteLock can cost you almost $29.99 per user per month or can be billed annually at around $359.88 per user per year.

You can simply display a SiteLock badge on your site which is primarily supposed to scare the hackers away and they even claim that this badge could increase your website trust by 15%. There are no commitments as such with Bluehost’s SiteLock add-on and you can even get their 30 Day Risk-FREE Trial. However, some of the webmasters have reported that it has cost them anywhere from $30 to $300 extra for repairing a single page on their site.

What I basically mean is that you paying a monthly fee for Bluehost’s SiteLock Security Essential service wouldn’t necessarily imply that your website is safe and wouldn’t end up getting hacked! If there are some malware installed on the website or blog and then you will be asked to pay more money to fix those problematic pages doesn’t seem fair to me or looks worth the cost either!

Conclusion: Is Bluehost Sitelock Security Essential Worth It? Are There Any FREE Security Alternatives Available?

No, you don’t really need the Bluehost SiteLock Security for your website or blog while signing up with them. Unfortunately, you can’t get SiteLock Security Essential FREE of cost with higher Bluehost web hosting plans which is usually possible with several other paid Package Extras that they offer their customers. SiteLock Security Essential isn’t bad but definitely not worth the cost associated with it and Bluehost really pushes this security service on to their customers as they are partnered with SiteLock. There is a good chance that you might end up spending money on SiteLock Security Essential add-on on top of your current monthly web hosting bill and your website still getting hacked!

To sum up, there are so many WordPress Security Plugins available FREE of cost with similar features that can be used to protect your site. I personally use Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan plugin (the FREE version) and they have always been amazing! You don’t this SiteLock Security solution or any other Package Extras that Bluehost recommends you to buy which can help you save at least $35.88 yearly or even more!

I hope this guide on Is Bluehost SiteLock Security Essential Worth It? Do I Need This Security Package Extra Service? Is It Necessary To Buy It? (Review 2021) was helpful to you in deciding whether to purchase this security add-on from Bluehost or to simply uncheck it from your shopping cart while Signing Up with Bluehost.

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