Is Bluehost Codeguard Basic Worth It? Do You Need To Buy It? Is This Backup Service Necessary? (Review 2021)

What is CodeGuard on Bluehost hosting sign up page?

Bluehost Codeguard is typically a service that offers an automatic database backup option to your website and also monitors your website’s database regularly. If CodeGuard detects any changes whatsoever, it immediately notifies you about such changes happened to your site and will also create a backup of the previous data of your website so that you will be able to restore your website’s database to its previous version (if needed).

This way Bluehost’s CodeGuard Package Extra Service helps you in easily creating a backup of your site in order to provide complete protection beforehand to prevent your website from facing any kind of disaster strike in the mere future so that you will be able to restore it back almost immediately.

What are the benefits of Bluehost Codeguard Basic Package Extra Service?

Codeguard Basic is one of the best and affordable solutions used by the Bluehost team to keep your site safe and secure. With the help of these special Bluehost paid backup add-on, you are easily allowed to secure all your website files and data. We have mentioned some of the main benefits of CodeGuard Basic Package Extra below in order to help you know more about the necessity of this paid add-on from Bluehost for your site:

1. Daily Auto Backups: Secures all your hard work by conducting easy automatic daily backups of your websites hosted at Bluehost which gives you the much-needed peace of mind.

2. Redundancy: Redundant copies of your backed up site are stored across multiple secure locations to ensure that you can easily restore your site by accessing any of these stored locations for stored backups (when needed).

3. Site Monitoring: Your website is diligently checked for any changes in the code every day so that it stays secure and unchanged. This way you also get an update whenever any third party tampers with your site.

4. One-Click Restore Option: This is an automatic one-click option used to revert back your website in order to restore it back to the previous version easily that too with just one click.

Bluehost CodeGuard Pricing (2021): How Much Does It Cost?

If you need this Bluehost Codeguard Package Extra then you can buy its Basic plan as it is very reasonable for you! However, the major drawback is that you are only allowed to secure your website’s files and data. If you wish to own this Bluehost backup feature for a year then you will have to pay approximately $32.95 annually. Thus, you can make use of this special paid service of Bluehost (partnered with CodeGuard) in order to secure your website with the Best Backup + Automated Restore Solution.

The price of Bluehost’s CodeGuard service paid add-on varies from plan to plan and it also comes with 4 different plans as mentioned below:

1. Bluehost CodeGuard Basic: This is the very basic Backup & Restore service offered by CodeGuard on Bluehost with this paid add-on plan priced at $2.99 per domain monthly or approximately $32.95 per domain yearly.

2. Bluehost CodeGuard Professional: The Professional Backup & Restore service (an upgrade to their basic CodeGuard plan) partnered with Bluehost costs $5.99 per domain monthly or approximately $59.95 per domain yearly.

3. Bluehost CodeGuard Premium: This Premium Backup & Restore service from CodeGuard on Bluehost (an upgrade to their Professional plan) is priced at $9.99 per domain monthly or approximately $99.95 per domain yearly.

4. Bluehost CodeGuard Enterprise: This is the top-end plan by CodeGuard for your Bluehost hosting account which is a pricey affair overall! CodeGuard’s Enterprise Backup & Restore service (an upgrade to their powerful Premium plan) could cost you as much as $23.95 per domain monthly or approximately $239.95 per domain yearly.

NOTE: CodeGuard Basic on Bluehost hosting is very much sufficient to Backup your website and you really don’t need their higher pricey plans unless and until you step into some complex projects!

Why Is CodeGuard Basic Necessary? Do I Need To Buy It With Bluehost Hosting Account?

Bluehost Package Extras like the CodeGuard Basic is a plus point for all their customers who wish to buy this service from them. As mentioned earlier about the benefits of their CodeGuard Basic facility,  with the help of this special Backup & Easy Restore service you will be easily able to create timely backups of your websites & databases.

Moreover, you can even restore all your files & data of your Bluehost hosted website with just one click using their Codeguard Basic add-on. This one is one of the most valuable services offered by Bluehost to its users as you don’t have the need to worry much about your website. All your blogs and the data of your websites hosted at Bluehost is very secure with the help of their Codeguard Basic package extra service.

Is CodeGuard Basic Service From Bluehost Available Free Of Cost?

Yes, Bluehost also offers you free services of Codeguard in some of its higher web hosting plans. In some of their plans (Bluehost Choice Plus & Bluehost Pro), you will get this Codeguard Basic Backup & Restore facility free of charge which will help you in backing up your Bluehost website and keeping it safe & secure. If you really want to get this CodeGuard Basic facility on Bluehost hosting without paying for it separately, then you can go ahead and choose any of the higher Bluehost hosting plans that by default come equipped with this Cloud Backup feature for free.

This gives you some savings while buying a better and more powerful hosting plan from Bluehost for your website but remember there are a number of free backup options available in the market as well. This makes buying/using the Bluehost Codeguard facility an optional paid add-on service that can also be skipped from your Bluehost Shopping Cart!

Conclusion: Is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Worth It? Are There Any Free Alternatives Available?

Bluehost’s Codeguard backup service can be crucial for your website as it easily creates backups that your site needs (in case your website crashes). You can also restore the latest backed-up version of your website using Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Cloud Backup Service right away with just one click. However, this would surely cost you extra money which is why you can even give this Bluehost Backup facility a skip and rather go for a number of FREE WordPress Backup Plugins available which are indeed good (Example: BackWPup).

To conclude, you do need a backup service and CodeGuard is a good option but I really wish if it was offered free of cost. If budget is a constraint, a number of FREE WordPress Backup Plugins can save you at least $32.95 per domain annually! Now, that’s quite a lot of savings right?

I hope our guide on Is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Worth It? Do You Need To Buy It? Is It Even Necessary? (Review 2021) was helpful to you in knowing whether you really need this Bluehost Backup facility or you can rather give it a skip just like most of the other optional paid Package Extras offered by Bluehost!

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